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Drinking with a Scandinavian Twist

Brings Ultimate Bliss

Just steps away from the Colorado Rockies’ ballpark, the Scandinavian themed cuisine and drink of Trillium awaits hungry baseball fans.  After a long, hot day in the field, a drink such as “The Boys of Summer” will help to cool you back down.   This drink, described by Trillium as a ‘walk in the ballpark with Irish Whiskey, Mint, Blackberry Liquor, Orange, Lime, and Bitters’ will satisfy your appetite for the refreshing summer cocktail you could not find anywhere else.

After spending some time walking in the ballpark with your “Boys of Summer” cocktail, you might be cooled down enough to move on to Trillium’s “Ballpark Ballet” cocktail made with rum, canton ginger liquor, Italian Prosecco, and a touch of French Kir egg foam.  For a taste of traditional Scandinavian drinking, try Trillium’s fennel akvavit in the Mark Twain approved “Fenn & Tonic.”  The Akvavit offers a bold flavor of this traditional Scandinavian spirit that originated somewhere around the 15th century.

Trillium’s playful attitude towards cocktails that includes mixing and matching unexpected flavors spills over onto their wine menu, where they feature their wines by their “style,” as described according to Trillium’s perspective of course.  Amusing titles such as “bubbles, apples, and biscuits” or “ripe cherries, earth, and mushrooms” might not directly translate to most novice wine drinkers, or the occasional wine-o, but it does sufficiently entice the imagination, making your order of wine appear more fantastical in nature.  Of course, if your mind is unable to wrap itself around such oddly coupled words, the nearest server would be more than happy to give your imagination a boost as they describe the wines in terms you may be better equipped to understand.

When you spend an evening at Trillium, you are ensured of a wide range of flavors that will tantalize taste buds you did not even know existed.  Instead of resisting such stimulation, the best thing to do is to jump head first, trying your hand at everything and anything your waiter or the sommelier suggest.  By the end, you will have felt like you took a taste adventure, drinking your way all the way through to eased state of bliss.

Whether you are thirsting for a wine or a cocktail, you will have a fun and memorable experience experimenting with Trillium’s playful drink menus.  By incorporating Scandinavian liquors into the mix, Trillium offers bold Scandinavian flavors that you won’t taste anywhere else.

For a taste of Trillium’s bliss, consider attending Toques & ‘Tails Chef & Bartender competition of the year, where Trillium will be competing with other top restaurants located along the front range.  For more info and to purchase tickets visit the website: http://toquesandtails.com/.

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