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Drinking with a Nordic Twist

The drinking culture of Scandinavia may be largely unknown to the average American, remaining too distant in terms of culture and place to reach the American dinner table. Thanks to niche-restaurants such as Denver’s Trillium, unique drinking cultures such as that of Scandinavia and the other Nordic regions may be experienced first hand by Americans who have never stepped foot into any one of these regions of the world.

In the form of creative cocktails made from traditional Scandinavian spirits and artisanal Nordic beers you would not be able to find anywhere else, Trillium offers its thirsty guests a taste of something absolutely novel, made with that special Nordic twist. Staying true to its roots, Trillium makes their own Akvavit, a traditional spirit central to the Scandinavian drinking culture, where it has been produced since the 15th century.

A glass of Akvavit

Using an entourage of different spices, herbs and fruits, Trillium’s line-up of Akvavit includes unexpected flavors such as mint, melon, and strawberry peppercorn. Beverage Director Park Ramey uses this eclectic foundation of flavors to create innovative medleys that surprise and entice, introducing the Trillium guest to both flavors intrinsically connected with the Scandinavian culture as well as other flavors that expand well beyond the reaches of the Nordic lands.

For a plush taste of Scandinavian drinking magic, Trillium’s cocktail “The Nordic Silk” is a bitter-sweet seductive combination of Trillium’s house Akvavit, orange liquer, Amaro Montenegro, and egg white. Of course, the classic choice is always “The Trillium” made with gin or vodka (your choice), St. Germain, lemon, wild blueberry, lavender syrup, and a dash of the house Akvavit to seal the deal. “The Trillium” takes the center stage on “Trillium Tuesdays” when it serves as the featured beverage of the day. Trillium’s beverage program expands beyond cocktails to include one-of-a-kind Nordic brews such as the “Arctic Circle” made by Havila brewing from Finland. If one-of-a-kind brews are not what you are seeking, you may be intrigued by Trillium’s more local selection of brews that includes such classics as Tivoli Brewing’s Helles Lager made in Denver, Colorado, just a minutes drive away from Trillium.

It is Trillium’s combination of the classics, the one-of-a-kinds, and the more traditional beverages that make drinking at Trillium such a unique experience. Trillium’s novel tasting beverages are concocted with a rare Nordic twist, uncommon among restaurants in America. This unique spin presents guests with Trillium’s own take on Scandinavian drinking culture that brings together tradition and modern creativity with dazzling results.

Trillium is located at 2134 Larimer St. Denver CO 80205; Tel: 303-379-9759. Happy Hour is Tues-Sat 5-7 pm, Sun 5-9 pm and 5-close for all Rockies evening home games.

Now for the Denver foodie trivia question to see how educated of a foodie you are!

True/False – Before settling at Trillium, Beverage Director Park Ramey did stints at Denver’s Bistro Vendome, Brasserie Rouge, Rioja, Corridor 44, and Colt & Gray.

Tune in this coming Friday for the answer!

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