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Drink According to the Season,

Scandinavian Style

The fine drinking world of Denver is abuzz over a drink that many people cannot even pronounce. Akvavit, a traditional Scandinavian drink, has taken its place at center stage at one of Denver’s best new restaurants, Trillium, since it first opened, and has received an ongoing applause from Denver’s fine drinking community ever since.

As the popularity of this drink has increased continually since Trillium first unveiled this Scandinavian classic, beverage director Parker Ramey has been on a never-ending educational quest to learn as much about Akvavit as possible. In the very beginnings, Trillium imported Akvavit from Scandinavian importers. Unimpressed with the quality of these imports, Ramsey researched how he could make his own Akvavit. This would allow him to have more control over the choice of ingredients, ensuring the highest quality, and would allow him the ability to alter the flavors of the spirit to fit the current menu. Thus, with a high quality neutral spirit and a blend of fresh spices, vegetables and fruits, Ramsey has artfully woven each season’s flavors into an Akvavit variation.

Beverage Director Parker Ramey

Spring was peas, asparagus, and spring garlic that properly showcased those fresh, renewing flavors of spring. This summer, Ramsey has infused the best of summer extracting the flavors of peaches, cherries, watermelon, strawberries, dill, raspberry, and basil to name a few. Rumor has it that sweet corn even plays a part in this summer series. Akvavit also sneaks its way into other cocktails, such as The Trillium, a drink made with gin or vodka (your choice), St. Germain, lemon, wild blueberry, lavender syrup, and a healthy dose of akvavit to complete the restaurant’s signature drink.

With so much versatility, it is no wonder why this drink has formed such a central part to Scandinavian cuisine since the 15th century. Crossing the seas, Akvavit has taken its proper place at center stage in modern American cuisine at eclectic, niche restaurants such as Denver’s Trillium. Trillium’s fresh infusions of each season’s bounty will surely continue to entice and satisfy every diner’s appetite for something novel and foreign that tastes as familiar as the season itself.

Trillium is located at 2134 Larimer St. Denver CO 80205; Tel: 303-379-9759; Email:

Now for the Denver foodie trivia question to see how educated of a foodie you are!

Approximately how old is the space where Trillium is now located?

Tune in to this coming Friday for the answer!

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