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Welcome to Pub-Football Culture off Historic Colfax Ave.

If you know nothing about the pub-football culture that originated in Great Britain by our British beer drinking and football loving friends, then check out this link here and watch this introductory video provided by the Three Lions Pub.

The pub-football culture at Three Lions Pub, located off historic Colfax Ave., fills a unique niche for the Denver community, providing a hom

As you might expect at such a high-quality pub, the drinks are plentiful so that there is never a dry well.  From American microbrews to European Drafts, Three Lions stocks an adequate list for even the pickiest drinker.  The weekend features football specials including $3.50 Bloody Mary’s and $3.75 Mimosa’s during their morning happy hour from 7-11 am that coincides nicely with the viewing of European football.e away from home, where competitive passions may be unleashed.  Three Lions Pub updates their schedules and standings daily, and offers live MLS coverage daily as well.  The pub even opens early for European football.  Check here for featured matches along with food and drink specials.

If you get hungry after sipping on your drink of choice, order a plate of their house curry to share amongst the table.  Made according to the owner’s mom’s recipe, the curry is served over steamed jasmine rice and potatoes, paired with cilantro chutney and a warm pita.  Then, dip into a Chocolate Chip Guinness Cake that is best eaten with a Guinness, of course.

High-quality comfort food, a pint of fine ale, good company, and a bit of footy on the telly will have you enjoying the pub-football culture right in the heart of the Mile High City.

Three Lion’s Pub is located at 2239 E Colfax Ave Denver, CO 80206;

Tel: 303-997-6886.