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An Authentic London Pub Tucked Away on Denver’s Colfax Ave.


Modeled after some of the finest pubs in London, the Three Lions Pub off of the historic Colfax Ave. in Denver offers all of the benefits of a true British pub.  Within its friendly confines, any guest to Three Lions pub may feel welcome and at ease, ready to share in the friendship, camaraderie, and passion of one’s fellow pub goers.  A true British pub offers a haven from the everyday grind, distracting its guests with non-stop football (i.e. soccer), endless drinks, and house made curry that will make one’s reality outside of the pub drift far far away.

Fully dressed in memorabilia, the Three Lions Pub is home to many sports teams and their fans, with its most devoted english premier league followers arriving at the odd hours of the morning to watch these European based games live.  Greeted by fellow football fanatics, these devotees arrive clad in their team’s attire with thirsty tongues and high spirits.Luckily, the weekend football specials include $3.50 Bloody Mary’s and $3.75 Mimosas that are offered at this discount price from 7 am to 11 am, and earlier for any red-eye games that must be watched in the we small hours of the morning while all non-football fans are fast asleep.

European staple beers such as Paulaner – Munchen and Copenhagen’s Carlsberg Beer are always on tap at Three Lions.  During the regular late afternoon happy hour, European drafts are just $4 for a 14 oz and $5 for a 20 oz.  The best American microbrews are offered for $1 less, and $3 will buy you the well or wine of your choice.  Nowhere else can you refresh from your afternoon slump with wine price at $3, $4 American Microbrews, and $3 American Domestics.

Three Lions Pub is the home away from home for all sports fans, particularly Denver’s most passionate football fans.  An always friendly atmosphere paired with a large panel of running taps and well-priced wines and wells, makes the Three Lions Pub a go to for an authentic London pub experience, just steps off of Denver’s historic Colfax Ave.

The Three Lions Pub is located at 2239 E. Colfax Ave. Denver CO 80206; Tel: 303-997-6886.  Open Mon-Fri 11am to 2am; Sat – Sun 9am to 2am (opens earlier for European football).