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Drink Like a Gold-Miner

In the neighborhood of LoDo, the oldest part of the city where Denver was originally settled, is a long-lived classic Western saloon that takes its patrons back to the time when Denver was a gold-mining town. Indeed, the history is etched in the old brick walls and, in the case of Blake Street Vault, beneath the floor. It is beneath the main floor level that a vault was discovered that had been hidden tucked away under a secret trap door for over a century.

The Blake Street Vault Revealed

Originally built in the 1860s, just five years after gold was discovered in Cherry Creek, the building that would come to house this vault was originally a saloon and boarding house which offered room and board for the miners looking to strike it rich in the wild west. It was an infamous time in Denver’s history when saloons, gambling rooms, and other houses of ill-repute were commonplace in Denver’s make-up. The bunch who was willing to battle their way to the wild west in search of gold was a rowdy group. Now over 150 years later the original building houses a new type of saloon, one with a lot less surly gold-miners, but with some inanimate relics of this infamous time period in Denver’s gold-ridden past. Patrons to LoDo’s Blake Street Vault can still gaze upon the original vault that once held the money and other items of value that were traded by the miners for room and board.

As guests of the Vault take in the atmosphere laden with Denver history, they can sip upon a classic Denver historic drink from the 1940’s known as the Moscow Mule. This special drink includes a substantial dose of Russian vodka, Ginger Beer, and a squeeze of fresh lime that is mixed together and always served up in a the classic copper mug. If that does not take you on a trip to the past, you can always choose to play the part of the miner and purchase a bottle of Jack Daniels Single Barrel Whiskey specially selected for Blake St. Vault that will be housed in the vault for safe-keeping until you return for your next round.

If you are not a whiskey drinker, Blake St. Vault has you covered with a long list of house wines that come by the glass, priced at just $5 a glass during happy hour. Happy hour also includes $4 well drinks, $1 off draft beers, $4 Long Island Ice Tea, and $4 Sweet Tea Vodka and Lemonade. Since Blake Street Vault has the longest happy hour in the LoDo neighborhood including Wednesday through Saturday 11am-7pm and all day on Monday, there should be plenty of time for you to enjoy the Vault’s happiest hours. Head to the Blake Street Vault this week to take a journey into the early, mining days of Denver’s colorful past. With a nicely priced drink in hand, and a seat in a cozy, old western saloon atmosphere, a visit to The Blake Street Vault makes it easy to drink like a gold-miner.

Blake St. Vault is located at 1526 Blake St. Denver CO 80202; Tel: 303-825-9833. Happy hour is ALL DAY Monday, Tuesday 4-7pm, and Wednesday – Saturday 11 am – 7pm.


Now for the Denver foodie trivia question to see how educated of a foodie you are!

What is the name of the ghost that haunts The Blake Street Vault? Hint: The ghost is female and her name begins with “L.”

Tune in this coming Friday for the answer!

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