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German Traditions are kept ALIVE at Prost Brewing

Tonight at 6:30 the local German brewery, Prost Brewing, will be hosting a pop-up brewery dinner named “Walpurgis” after the ancient German holiday dedicated to chasing away those unwelcome winter spirits.  The dinner will include the release of the highly anticipated Maibock (pronounced “My-Bock”) bier, traditionally a strong, Bavarian golden lager typically drunk during the transition from fierce winter storms to warm summer afternoons.

This is one event among many that Prost Brewing hosts that rings to an authentically German tune.  In fact, Prost Brewing might very well offer the most authentic taste of Germany’s treasured “Bier” this side of the Atlantic.  Using an antique brewhouse straight from Germany that ensures the proper brewing of classic German bier, Prost dedicates themselves to following traditional German techniques in the brewing of all of their bier, no matter how painstaking that may be.

Prost even goes so far as to source ingredients from Germany itself.  Prost uses noble German varieties of hops that have been prized for centuries for their unique spicy hop flavor contribution to the most noblest of beers such as the Prost Pils.

Noble German Hops

Prost Brewing obtains its yeast from a millennium old German monastery just outside of Munich that has produced beer acclaimed to be some of the best beer in the world for centuries.  Adding a touch of monk magic to its beer, Prost Brewing produces German beer from a yeast strain tried and tested by monks themselves.

Andech’s Monastery, Germany

At Prost, German traditions are kept alive, partly with the help of a little German yeast from generous, German beer-brewing monks, noble German hops, a German antique brewhouse, and brewers dedicated to following the ancient German techniques.

Check out the menu for Prost’s Walpurgis dinner and purchase tickets at:

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Prost Brewing is located in the Highlands neighborhood at 2540 19th St. Denver CO 80211; Tel: 303-729-1175.