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Travel to Denver’s German Beer Mecca

German beer has found its place in Denver’s Highlands neighborhood where lovers of one of the world’s most ancient brews flock to Prost Brewing for an overflowing Maß, the classic German beer mug. It is here that Denver residents and visitors to Denver are able to play out their fantasy of quaffing down an authentic mug of Pilsner, Dunkel, Altbier, Weissbier, Kolsch, or the classic Oktoberfest Marzen, freeing them from having to book that trip to Munich for such an experience. Prost Brewing’s bier isn’t just authentic, but is also award-winning. Even though the brewery opened just one year ago, among its accolades acquired thus far is a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival in the Keller or Zwickelbier category for their “Keller Pils.”

In their extensive efforts to be as authentically German as possible, Prost Brewing obtained an antique brewhouse straight from a centuries old brewery in Germany. With this traditional brewing equipment, head brewer Bill Eye is able to follow the ancient recipes to a tee, employing ancient brewing techniques to create some of the most authentic German beer this side of the Atlantic.

Further efforts to create traditional German bier are taken by Prost by ensuring that all of their ingredients are obtained from Germany as well. Prost uses noble German hop varieties that add that characteristic complex spicy and floral flavor profile that only noble German hops are known to have. In addition, all of their yeast comes from the Andechs monastery, one of Germany’s beer meccas. This special strain of yeast is the result of centuries of cultivation by dedicated, beer loving monks.

Since authentic German bier is best drunk in a traditional German beer hall or beer garden, Prost also decided to include a German beer hall and ‘biergarten’ in their business plans. Lined with the same wooden tables and benches you would find in any beer hall or biergarten in Munich, Prost Brewing’s beer hall and garden is one of Denver’s most unique spots to enjoy a fresh bier.

With its award-winning beer that has been carefully crafted with the most traditional German ingredients in a classic, antique brewhouse, it is no wonder that Denver’s hippest neighborhood has welcomed Prost Brewing with open arms (and mouths!). For anyone living in Denver or just visiting, a trip to Prost Brewing, Denver’s German beer mecca, may provide the closest experience to a Munich beer hall that any American city has to offer.

Prost Brewing is located in the Highlands neighborhood of Denver at 2540 19th St. Denver CO 80211; Tel: 303-729-1175.

Now for the Denver foodie trivia question to see how educated of a foodie you are!

True or False: Prost Brewing only sells their beer to take home in growlers.

Tune in this coming Friday for the answer!

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