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Define your Time with your Wine at Lala’s Happy Hour

courtesy of westword blog

Gazing down at the wine menu at Lala’s Wine Bar & Pizzeria, my imagination wanders and begins to ponder upon which wine will define this moment, bringing me pleasure and allowing me to relax and throw aside my stresses and worries for this one glass of wine.

Do I want a wine that is provocative, lip-smacking, and fresh, or a wine that is velvety, smooth, and graceful?  Maybe something rich, round, sensuous, and slightly divine might appease me.  Of course, a wine that is fruity and full of life would rejuvenate me, and a wine that is juicy, sexy, and upfront may awaken me to experience pleasure again.

Lala’s Wine Bar has all of their wines normally under $10 priced at $5 per glass during happy hour, which is 3-7 and 10 to close, seven days a week.  Their wine over $10 is half price.  You can even book your own wine flight, bringing you to your desired destination, for only $12.  Beer and wine cocktails are also available for a pittance.

Now, you will have to excuse me as I go for my grande finale wine, located under “finale” on the menu, offering me a sweet, lasting, and even somewhat of a climatic ending.

Saluto (to your health!).

LaLa’s Wine Bar is located at 410 E. 7th Avenue Denver 80203,  Tel: 303-861-9463 (WINE).