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LoHi’s Southern Drinking Well

Cool off at the bar at Jezebel’s

When the heat is on every city needs that ole’ southern well to keep its inhabitants cool and content.  In Denver, the southern drinking well can be found at Jezebel’s, the southern bistro and bar located in Denver’s hip, trendy, and friendly LoHi neighborhood.  Jezebel’s southern well is always flowing with signature libations that will adequately refresh and yet taste so good that you get lured in for more.

Right when you walk through the doors, Jezebel’s bartender will have you doing the Texas Two Step, a drink made with Republic Plata Tequila, watermelon puree, jalapeno, and a generous squirt or two of lime that will make you smack those lips with every sip.  For a little less pow, Jezebel’s can make you something real sweet such as their “Honey Cup,” a harmonious mix of Spring 44 Honey Vodka, Ginger Beer, and a dash of lime.  Of course, if you came to this Southern well looking for that classic southern refreshment, you won’t want to miss Jezebel’s Southern Mule with its medley of Deep Eddy Sweet Tea, Ginger Beer, and sour lemon.

These drinks and more are offered every day, including happy hour.  Happy hour at Jezebel’s makes drinking away the summer heat an affordable activity with well drinks, house red and house white wine all priced at just $4.  Beyond their House White and Red Wines, Jezebel’s features a short but eclectic list of wines ranging from a light and cheery Organic Tiamo Prosecco from Italy to a big and bold Diseno Malbec from the untamed gaucho ridden lands of Argentina.

Coming from a culture well-acquainted with the challenges of unbearable heat, Jezebel’s has much to offer to the wary, overheated city-dweller of Denver.  Jezebel’s Southern drinking well is rich and flowing with flavors such as watermelon, lime, lemon, honey, and ginger that will surely cool the body and raise the spirits.  Southern libations, house wines, and a wine selection that satisfies but does not overwhelm form the solid foundation of LoHi’s vital Southern well.

Jezebel’s is located at 3301 Tejon St. Denver 80211; Tel: 303-433-3060.

Now for the Denver foodie trivia question to see how educated of a foodie you are!

Jezebel’s occupies the space of what former restaurant that has since relocated?

Tune in to this Friday for the answer!

The answer to Friday’s blog question: “Al Lado’s owner, Richard Sandoval, will be appearing on what popular TV series this summer?“…The Answer: Bravo TV’s Top Chef Masters beginning Wednesday, July 24th.