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Women Only Beer Club

If you thought craft beer was only for men, then Denver’s Highland Tap & Burger would like to provide you with some valuable education. A restaurant created with Colorado craft brews in mind, Highland Tap & Burger wanted a beer list that men and women, beer geek and beer novice, could find enticing. The menu they created does just that and at the same time introduces Colorado’s world class breweries to all its patrons.

However, Highland Tap & Burger did not stop there, taking their passion for the craft brew to a whole new level by developing a “Craft Ladies Beer Club” to further spread the passion for the craft. This club meets two times per month with a professional from the craft brewing industry that helps to educate Denver’s finest women about the many craft beers brewed right in their neighborhoods and beyond, also offering a chance for these women to do what they do best – socialize, of course!

These women can then return to Highland Tap & Burger with a significant other to show off their newly acquired craft brew education, and to further explore Highland Tap & Burger’s never-ending selection of craft beer. On draught, Highland Tap & Burger offers anything and everything, literally, and particularly in terms of Colorado craft beers. Pick the Colorado city, and they will bring you the brew. Beers from Boulder, Fort Collins, Lyons, and of course, Denver, make the list among others.

Of course, Highland Tap & Burger extends their drink options beyond the tap to include local, domestic and international wines and creative cocktails that integrate the flavors of Denver with an added zest of citrus to put you in the right after work mood. The classic “Denver Donkey” will never lead you astray made with Spring 44 Honey Vodka, Goslings Ginger Beer and a squirt of fresh lime. Keep things warm and spicy with “Ginger Fresca” composed of Skyy Ginger Vodka, Sprite, and a splash of sweet O.J. Of course, in light of Halloween, you might enjoy the mysterious “Dark & Stormy” made with Goslings Black Seal rum, Goslings Ginger Beer, and a squirt of fresh lime. Choose any of these cocktail medleys and you will see how Highland Tap & Burger does magic with their splashes and squirts of lime and O.J. mixed with spicy Ginger beer on occasion.

Whether this work week leaves you in need of a glass of wine, a flavor-filled cocktail, or a quality craft brew, Highland Tap & Burger has the supplies to satisfy the appetite of the beer geek, the wine snob, and the cocktail lover. Their unique and popular Women Only Beer Club provides education to Denver’s “Crafty” women and proves that women like beer too. Paired with enticing cocktails full of orange and lime zest and wines from around the world, drinking at Highland Tap & Burger is sure to be a pleasure-filled and possibly even an educational event that no Denver drinker, crafty or not, should pass on by.

Highland Tap & Burger is located at 2219 W. 32nd Ave. Denver CO 80211; Tel: 720-287-4493; Email:

Now for the Denver foodie trivia question to see how educated of a foodie you are!

In addition to a “Crafty Ladies Beer Club,” what other club does Highland Tap & Burger host? Hint: This club is a bit more active and prefers to have a portion of each meeting outdoors.

Tune in this coming Friday for the answer!

The answer to Tuesday’s blog question: “What does the acronym SAME in “SAME Cafe” stand for?” Answer: The acronym SAME stands for “So All May Eat,” which falls in line with SAME Cafe’s company motto: “Everyone regardless of economic status, deserves the chance to eat healthy food while being treated with dignity. Good food for the Greater Good.” To learn more about SAME Cafe check out last Friday’s blog!