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Whiskey is Central to the American Spirit

On a mission to be a true American restaurant, Central Bistro & Bar takes their whiskey seriously.  Indeed, whiskey has played an important role in the culture of America stemming back from the foundation of the American colonies, where even our forefathers relished in a drink or two.  George Washington, himself, owned his own distillery at Mount Vernon in Virginia, one of the largest of that time.

Thus, in true American spirit, Central Bistro & Bar takes their passion for whiskey to the next level, offering a membership to the Central Whiskey bottle club.  The membership includes year round discounts, including a 10% discount off every meal.  To officially join this exclusive whiskey club, you must purchase a bottle of whiskey that will be kept in VIP storage at Central Bistro & Bar until your next visit.

For those not yet ready to take their passion for whiskey to the bottle club level, Central Bistro & Bar offers occasional whiskey tastings where you will get the chance to feel, smell, hear, see, and taste the history of bourbon as it evolved from the 1700s to today.  Tastings include six styles of whiskey and three appetizers featuring savory bites of Central’s authentically American cuisine.

If straight up whiskey is not your thing, try a “Cold Toddy” made with Bulleit Bourbon, lemon, cinnamon, and clove, offering a much needed cold and spicy zing on a hot Colorado day.  For a more classic taste, Central has several classically inspired medleys such as the Old Fashioned, a sweet and bitter creation with Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whiskey, Luxardo Cherry, orange, and a shot of Angostura bitters.

No matter your level of knowledge or passion for all-American whiskey, Central Bistro & Bar invites you to join them on an adventure through the rich history and unique flavors of this national drink.  Swirling, sniffing, and sipping your way through an account of its history, you might begin to gain a better understanding of just why this drink is central to the American spirit.

Central Bistro & Bar

Central Bistro & Bar is located at 1691 Central Street Denver CO 80211; Tel: 303-477-4582.

Now for the Denver foodie trivia question to see how educated of a foodie you are!

During the prohibition in the U.S. (1920-1933), whiskey could still be purchased from which well known store, still popular in America today?

Tune in to this Friday for the answer!


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