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SALT the Bistro at the corner of 11th and Pearl in Boulder is a delectable spot to indulge in out-of-the-box cocktails to ease the heat this week.  Let’s face it:  Its 100 degrees in the shade, but liquid libations sometimes make it feel a bit more bearable and Salt has you covered on all bases.

The mix masters at SALT have designed a unique approach to “build your own” cocktail by constructing a menu that allows you to choose your own poison, flavor and style.   You select from tequila, vodka, rum, gin, bourbon or scotch in the first column of the menu and then tell them what size you would like, a single or a double.  From there, move to the flavors selection in the second column.  Pair your tequila with strawberry and basil, chipotle or cilantro.  Mix your rum with lychee, peach or mango or your bourbon with peach, cherry or mint.  Your last mind evoking chore will be to choose your style.  In the third column of the heavily animated menu illustrates rickeys, fizzes, sangrias, sours, boilermakers and Collins, to name a few.

If the fool proof guidance of the menu still leaves you at a loss, or you just don’t feel like working for your liquid lunch, ask the in house mixologist for a custom creation.  They will be sure to oblige and with their skill set and all of the fresh, local ingredients at their fingertips, they are sure to create something you will order time and time again.  Currently, the mixologist’s feature is the Chupacabra; a refreshing summer mix of Imperial Oak Aged Gin, Luxardo Cherry Liquor, Sweet Vermouth and orange juice served shaken and strained in a cocktail glass.

Stop into SALT this week for happy hour from three to five pm daily.  SALT is located on the  corner of 11th and Pearl in Boulder.