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The Blake Street Vault is in one of Denver’s oldest buildings that dates back to the 1860’s.  The building started out as a saloon and boarding house for Denver’s business district, and it attracted all kinds of big names and intrigue through it’s early years.  There was a vault for the money in the basement, and the alcohol was brought up from the basement in large barrels with an elevator.  Both of these are still in the basement although they aren’t used anymore.

Inside Blake Street Vault

The building has switched hands and themes through the many years, but since 2008 Blake Street Vault went back to it’s initial roots as a place to meet friends, get good drinks and great food.  Blake Street Vault’s bar area has been renovated, but much of the old building still stands in place like from the Old West.  Some even rumor that the place is haunted, and suspicious things have been known to happen in the bar.

Besides the historical fascination with Blake Street Vault, another reason to go there is their happy hour is everyday from 11am-7pm.  Happy hour prices are $4 well drinks, $1 off draft beers, long iced tea and sweet tea vodka and lemonade for $4.  Small bites like cheese curds, fried green beans or sliders are available for $3-$7.

Blake Street Vault is located at 1526 Blake Street, Denver 80202.  303-825-9833.

Sunday-Wednesday: 11am-midnight

Thursday-Saturday: 11am-2am

Happy hour everyday from 11am-7pm