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If you have a case of the “what to do this weekend’s” and the city heat is getting you down, take a drive over Independence Pass for the Aspen Wine and Food Classic.  This week on Culinary Connectors, we will be recommending where to drink and where to eat and, most importantly, where to get quality drinks and food without breaking the bank.

Jimmy’s American Bistro at 205 South Mill Street in Aspen not only prides itself on a locally-priced drink menu (a VERY important phrase in Aspen) , but also on deliciously crafted cocktails and being the place of employment of a star studded bartender.  Erin Harris, resident libations creationist recently placed third at the Speed Rack finals, a national cocktail competition featuring top female bartenders, in New York City.

If south of the border variety is your spice of life, consider this your one-stop shop.  Jimmy’s is known to offer the largest selection of Tequila in the country, with an astounding list of over 100 agave based spirits, including many high end mezcals.  Jimmy, who you will most likely find behind the bar, doesn’t stop there, however.  A five page list of vodkas, whiskeys, bourbons, cognacs, scotches and cocktails, offset by an extensive wine list, will leave you pondering for hours.  Just point and click, as they say…or ask your bartender.  They all know their stuff and will be quick to counsel you through the vast list of libations.

Most of the Tequilas are priced under 12 dollars and signature cocktails, all 16 of them, are priced at $12 and under, featuring several house tequila infusions, unique vodka concoctions and spins on a few classics.  Stop by on Sunday, as the end to the Food & Wine always finds its way on Jimmy’s patio, and you may be surprised to see who stops by.

Jimmy’s is located 205 South Mill Street in Aspen, CO.