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Drink Your Way to La Dolce Vita

A few drinks at Gisella in Aspen and you will be playing the part of Sylvia in the famous movie “La Dolce Vita,” wading your way through Rome’s Trevi fountain in a trance that only Italian wine and food can produce.  Perhaps this a slight exaggeration, but with an Italian wine list more extensive than many restaurants in Rome itself, Gisella restaurant in Aspen will certainly leave you singing the praises of Italian wine.

Whether you sip on an elegant, slightly tannic Super Tuscan or a more earthy and heavy Barolo, you will surely be put into a dream-like ease.  To round out your palate and please your stomach, I suggest the gnocchi al pollo off their Fall 2012 Bar Menu.  This dish comprised of potato dumplings, grilled rosemary scented chicken, sundried tomatoes, and doused in a light pink broth teaming of fresh olive oil, is just one of the many delicacies that you can enjoy at Gisella’s as you relish in the sweetness of la dolce vita-the sweet life.

Gisella is located at 415 E. Main Street Aspen, CO, and can be reached at (970) 925-8222.