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Sip Upon “La Dolce Vita”

Everyone could benefit from a little taste of “la dolce vita” (a.k.a. the sweet life) from time to time. Gisella’s in Aspen offers a tasting of the sweet life through their wine list that holds the longest list of Italian reds, whites, and sparkling wines you will find anywhere on the western slope.

First, start your evening off as the Italians do, with a lively, sparkling Prosecco that will reawaken your senses that are still under a work haze. Next, travel up to Tuscany, the land of such prized favorites as Chianti Classico and the Super Tuscan. With wine in hand, imagine the terroir of these wines, with its rolling hills and medieval hill-top towns. Finish it all with a wine from Sicily, the land of the Godfather. You will taste this land’s bold, colored past with a taste of the rich and juicy Nero d’Avolo that speaks of the rich, black, fertile soil of this land of Roman gods and goddesses.

As you travel along on Gisella’s Italian wine journey, be sure to get a taste of their authentic Italian cuisine. With menu items all in Italian, you will surely feel a thrill in speaking some Italian as you order. The bar menu is full of “cozze e vongole” and “crespelle di polenta” that will further entice you into staying just a little longer in order to truly enjoy the sweetness of doing nothing, just as Italians do.

Gisella is located  at 415 East Main Street Aspen, Colorado, Tel: 970-925-8222. Hours are nightly at 5:30 pm.