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Jimmy Mac

Drink Your Mac at Jimmy’s

No, I am not asking you to drink up your Mac computer or take down a Big Mac from Micky-D’s, but Mac, as in The Macallan.  This drink is known among tourists, locals, and celebrities alike  as the Jimmy Mac. Created by the owner  himself, Drew Levinson and Tony Abou-Ganim, the Jimmy Mac is a bitter-sweet concoction of top-notch, single-malt The Macallan Whiskey, along with herbal French liquor, Benedictine. Amaro, a.k.a. Italian bitters, orange bitters, and orange peel make this a drink Jimmy Yeager is proud to put his name on.

When you dine or drink at Jimmy’s, you will no doubt be greeted with the vibrant, never-ending enthusiasm that exudes from Jimmy and his staff. This environment is most conducive to sipping on a terrific margarita made with freshly-squeezed lime and lemon juices, a single village mezcal or a glass of wine. Jimmy’s is both comfortable and energetic, offering a neighborhood-based, casual attitude in the afternoon that transforms into a heated, rather sexy setting with Latin dancing on Saturday nights.

Enjoy great food and fabulous drinks all night with Jimmy’s meticulously crafted cocktails and welcoming atmosphere that will have you going back each year just to see Jimmy himself.

Have you had this cocktail? Let us know what you think about mixing single malt scotch with anything other than ice or a drop of water.

Jimmy’s is located at 205 S Mill St Aspen, CO 81611.  970-925-6020