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In this months Bon Appétit magazine (on page 30 to be exact) was a list of 5 things we hate about restaurants. I read the list and then started my own. When dining out and spending our hard earned dollars what are the things that annoy us the most?

Food not being seasoned properly – this is my number one complaint. I believe that chefs should taste every dish. Kate Horton, chef at Black Pearl is a big proponent of this.

Front of house who say, “It’s my pleasure”. Can we think of anything else to say? This seems trite and obviously untrue. Try dining at Vesta Dipping Grill. Their servers are competent and casually hip.

Sommeliers who steer us towards the most expensive bottle of wine on the list. I love it when a sommelier truthfully tells me that the $45 bottle of Pinot is a fabulous find rather than sell me an overpriced California Cab. Aaron Forman at Table 6 does a great job of offering a variety of wines at a variety of price points.

The table not being marked before a dish is served. What I mean is – before a course is served the server should “mark” the table with the proper utensils. For example if you are having soup, a soup spoon should be placed on the table before the bowl is set in front of you. Also annoying is when you are pairing wine with your courses and the wine is served well after you have started the course it was meant for. Try Fruition Restaurant and experience an amazing level of service.

The dessert menu being an after thought. Isn’t dessert supposed to be the “icing on the cake?” I hate when a dessert menu reads like a chain restaurant. Yes, crème brulee and molten chocolate cake are classics but please try something new! Check out the dessert menu at the Kitchen Café in Boulder. Pastry Chef, Nathan Miller has won awards for his Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Am I a foodie diva? Hard to please? I don’t think so. I just know that when I am dining out I want to experience the best possible level of service, cuisine and wine.

Let me know your pet peeves. Please email me at