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Located in four retail spots in Denver, Tony’s market, formally Tony’s Meats, was founded in 1978 by Tony Rosacci and is a locally owned specialty foods market in the metro area. Tony’s motto is ‛Treat every customer as if he or she is your best friend.’

Tony’s offers fresh and aged meats; hormone free, pesticide free, antibiotic free all natural beef, pork, chicken, fish, lamb, bison (buffalo) and wild game. They also feature USDA prime aged beef, certified premium grade pork, all natural fresh chicken, poultry, fresh farm-raised and wild seafood, natural Colorado lamb, an old world deli, world class cheese, fresh produce, organic foods, homemade desserts, meals & catering to go, fair trade coffee, recipes and cooking tips.

It’s a one stop; get everything you need, kind of place. Do you need help preparing a turkey? Check out Tony’s website for a step-by-step guide to roasting. Do you feel like not cooking for the holiday? Tony’s will prepare an entire Thanksgiving feast just for you. There is even a pantry list on their website so that you can be sure to have everything on hand if you are entertaining.
And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Tony’s on Broadway also has a bistro so you can satiate your hunger and your thirst while you shop. Throw down a beer or two and see why Tony’s was voted “Best Happy Hour in a Market” by Westword.

Tony’s Markets – Original Dry Creek Market, Bowles Village Market, Castle Pines Market and Broadway Market.