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My original blog was going to cover Oak at Fourteenth and their first quarterly pig roast paired with local beers. Sadly, Oak suffered a fire early on Wednesday.  Luckily there were no serious injuries, only the emotional chaos of getting this brand new and fabulous restaurant back and running.  We are wishing them the best in this process and anxious to be back in the dinning room enjoying fried pickles and a “Beat Down” cocktail.

Two doors down from Oak is a small, delightful, funky bakery with an extensive cupcake flavor list. Tee & Cakes has everything from Chocolate Bacon Cupcakes, as seen on the Food Network, to Strawberry Milkshake.  The cupcakes are beautifully decorated without being fussy and the flavor list changes daily. In addition to cupcakes, they have delicious savory biscuits, bars, pastries and doughnuts (on Fridays and Saturdays).  Early risers will be rewarded with any treat fresh from the oven; they open at 7:30am. They proudly serve Novo Coffee as a compliment to any baked goody. Of course there is the “Tee” in Tee & Cakes. They have a fun and hip collection of T-shirts, onesies and other miscellaneous wearables designed by a co-owner at Side B Apparel in Boulder. Due to the fire Tee & Cakes had to shut down for a few days.  They are back open now ready to fill your bellies with sweets and make sure you look good while doing it.

Tee & Cakes

1932 14th Street

Boulder, Colorado 80302

Phone: 720-406-7548