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Troy Guard & Tyler Lewis

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Troy Guard

Troy Guard

Troy Guard of  TAG, TAG Raw and TAG Burger Bar and lead bartender Tyler Lewis join host Becky Creighton.  Listen in as they talk about food and cocktail flavors, and how they continue to innovate to keep the culinary experience creative and fun for their guests.  Troy talks about his background, his mentors and how he wound up here from Singapore.

Where To Eat This Weekend: Cafe Bar – “Commit To Brunch Therapy”

November 2nd, 2012 Posted by Chefs, Culinary Connectors, Denver, restaurants, Where To Eat This Weekend No Comment yet

When I awake on a Saturday or Sunday morning and peer out the window at the layer of looming gray, I can think of nothing more therapeutic to my mood and my senses than enjoying brunch in Wash Park at a place called “Cafe Bar.”

In their modern, comfortable dining room, I will linger over a plate of their oatmeal bourbon pancakes, their chestnut poppy seed bread topped with orange whipped butter, or for a real treat, the Nutella banana doughnuts that make my knees a little weak even thinking about them.  For something more savory, Cafe Bar offers hearty dishes such as biscuits and gravy with housemaid cheddar and chive biscuits that will surely make you smile with guilty pleasure every time.  No matter your plans this weekend or next, treat yourself to a little brunch therapy at Cafe Bar.  It does wonders.

Cafe Bar is located at 295 S Pennsylvania Street, Denver, CO and can be reached at (303) 362-0227.

Where To Eat This Weekend: Denver – Charlie Palmer’s District Tavern

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If, this weekend, eclectic, Colorado-ized American fare is on the tip of your tongue, stop by Charlie Palmer’s District Tavern for a fresh and indulgent meal you won’t soon forget.

Chef Charlie Palmer continued his national tradition of culinary excellence right here in Denver when he opened, first, Wazee Wood Fire Pizza, and, second, the adjacent District Tavern, both in 2011.  Palmer and Executive Chef Jeff Russell have teamed up to create what they are calling a menu of “modern American tavern fare,” what I would call a giant’s step above the newly popularized term, gastropub.

Beginning with local and seasonal products, such as Haystack Mountain cheeses and freshly caught Rocky Mountain Trout, the chefs have created a wide selection of earthy dishes that ring in under $32 dollars on the entrée side and $14 on the snacks and starters.  This may seem a bit steep, but when you factor in Butter Braised Maine Lobster as a main course and Grilled Bone Marrow as a starter, things are put into perspective. This menu is comprised of unique and eclectic dishes that you won’t find just anywhere in Denver.

Start your meal on the patio, people watching on Wazee, with the marrow, Pickled Vegetable Crudite or House Smoked Salmon Belly.  On a hot day, cool off with the Circle Fresh Farms Tomato Gazpacho, accompanied by fresh guacamole and blue crab or an heirloom tomato salad with house made buratta.  Sample the vast selection of wines or handcrafted cocktails during the happy hour which goes until 7pm…So, if you show up for an early dinner, chances are your drinks will offset the cost of your dinner.  House wines and select martinis are just $6, draft beers are merely $4.

For dinner in the industrially warm dining room, choose from a variety of pastas, seafood and proteins.  The Sweet Corn Risotto will melt in your mouth and the Smoked Bone-in Duroc Pork Chop will not soon be forgotten by your palate.  For any of the entrees, DO add a side of the Seasonal Succotash or Roasted Summer Squash.

Round out your dining experience with some pep in your step.  After putting yourself into a near food coma of indulgence, try the Espresso Crème Brulee with cinnamon ice cream and biscotti.

Stop into Charlie Palmer’s District Tavern at 1625 Wazee this weekend for dinner and happy hour beginning at 5pm.  They are closed on Sunday and Monday.

Where To Eat This Weekend: Denver – Ambria

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Ambria opened on the 16th Street Mall in November of last year, giving Denver foodies a one-stop shop for a variety of dining styles in one rustic yet elegant setting.  Priding itself on its selection of protein, seafood, small plates and local ingredients, Ambria sets the stage for an elegant evening, happy hour or brunch that is sure to entice anyone in your party.

Chef Gabe Balenzuela, formerly of Mirepoix Restaurant in Cherry Creek and The Oceanaire Seafood Room, infuses Italian, French, Spanish and North African flavors into his own style and rapport, creating a menu of Mediterranean-American cuisine, presented in both entrée and small plate form.

This eclectic sampling is presented in an earthy and sophisticated setting with warm oranges, yellows and browns accentuating the predominantly wood interior.  The seating continues the tradition of variety at Ambria with patio seating, a community table, booths a bar and private dining rooms, all dotted with globe lighting and chrome and glass accents.

Start your weekend here with happy hour from 2:30-6:30 or 9 to close on Friday and choose from 10 wines by the glass for $5 each and a variety of small plates at discounted prices such as Meatballs Al Forno, Roasted PEI Mussels, Warm Ricotta, Short Rib Raviolis.  If you’re a bit more hungry, try the all-beef burger or the spiced lamb burger.

For dinner, start with a sampling of small plates ranging from $5-12.  If variety is the spice of your life, you can find it here amongst Roasted Quail, Salmon Tartar, Raw Carrot Salad, Market Priced Oysters or Roasted Beets.  For dinner, go for the Cioppino…Trust me, you should look no further into the entrees on your first visit here.  However, if seafood isn’t your game, Duck Confit, and Gnochhi are good alternatives!

Ambria is also on their A-game for Saturday brunch from 11-2:30, offering Poached Eggs, Pain Perdu, Shrimp Hash, Brazed Goat and Bottomless Mimosas AND Bloody Mary’s; all for $12 or under!

Stop in Ambria this weekend at 1201 16th Street for happy hour, brunch, dinner or an ALL DAY happy hour on Sunday!

Roadtrip to Epiphany

December 20th, 2011 Posted by Aspen, Chefs, Culinary Connectors, restaurants No Comment yet

A quick introduction to 520 Grill in Aspen.

520 Grill Brings Aspen Tasty Affordability

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520 Grill Brings Aspen Tasty Affordability

By Becky Creighton

Walking in to 520 Grill (named after their opening date and their address) isn’t like walking into most restaurants in Aspen.  The concrete floors and metal tables lend an everyday feel to this fast casual restaurant.  Walk up to the counter and co-owner Wheaton Augur will be happy to take your order. Looking at the large sandwich board on the wall quickly tells you their food is simple and focuses on local ingredients.  I would say healthy, but, the sweet potato fries dominate their side dish menu with other indulgent favorites like bacon – that’s right, you can get a side of bacon (why wouldn’t you get a side of bacon?).

Speaking of healthy, I should mention the amazing kale salad they serve.  The kale is expertly prepared and lightly tossed with a roasted garlic, white balsamic and cilantro dressing.  Although the dressing is packed with flavor I think it’s the sunflower seeds and roasted red peppers that make this salad a stand out.  Add grilled salmon to the it and you have a super food salad.

Chef Troy Selby, formerly of the Cantina, oversees other tasty offerings from bison to salmon burgers, house made soups and a very nice selection of grilled sandwiches and side dishes. 520 Grill isn’t fine dining and it isn’t a chain restaurant (thank goodness!).  What it is is a good restaurant that offers a creative menu that is consistently prepared well and best of all, it’s affordable.

520 Grill is located at 520 E. Cooper St. Aspen, CO 81611 phone: 970.925.9788

Answers to How Well Do You Know Your Chefs

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Here are the correct answers to the latest questions:

Which chef hates truffle french fries? Kate Horton from the Black Pearl. She would love to take those fries off the menu but doesn’t dare.

Which chef likes to cook on his jeep engine while four-wheeling? Mark DeNittis, the salumi master at Il Mondo Vecchio. He has in fact, written a cook book on the subject called “My Jeep Grille Adventures”.

Which chef wants to open a restaurant based on bowls, spoons and jars? Scott Parker of Table 6. Based on jarring of fresh ingredients Scott sees this restaurant as a “bad ass pre thought out fast food place. No waiting or anything.”

Thanks for playing. New questions will be posted this week in our newsletter. The first person to email the correct answers wins two free tickets on a walking tour of their choice.


Answers to How Well Do You Know Your Chefs

December 30th, 2010 Posted by Chefs, Culinary Connectors No Comment yet

I know you’ve been waiting with bated breath for the answers to “How Well Do You Know Your Chefs”. Here they are:

1. Who said “I can taste things in my imagination?” – Paul Reilly from Encore. Go try his french fries and tell him hello from Christine and Becky.
2. Who likes Velveeta Mac and Cheese and talks about it all the time in the kitchen? – Lon Symensma from ChoLon. I can’t tell you how many times we talk about velveeta in the ChoLon kitchen. Lon made us mac and cheese (from scratch) for our Christmas party.
3. Which chef wants you to leave his restaurant “with a full belly?” – Nick Abeyta from Stella in the Highlands. Let him fill your belly with his fabulous pasta dishes.

Look for a new quiz in each edition of Culinary Connectors newsletters. The winner will receive two tickets on a walking tour of their choice. Cheers!

How Well Do You Know Your Chefs?

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Throughout 2010 we conducted many chef interviews. As a fun way of ending the year take our quiz to see how well you foodies actually know your chefs. The first person to email the correct answers to will two spots on a walking tour of your choice. Correct answers will be posted on our blog once we have a winner. Have fun!

1. Who said “I can taste things in my imagination?”
2. Who likes Velveeta Mac and Cheese and talks about it all the time in the kitchen?
3. Which chef wants you to leave his restaurant “with a full belly?”

Hint: answers can be found in past chef interviews on the Culinary Connectors blog.

The Intensity of a Chef

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The other day I was zooming around the kitchen getting ready for a busy Monday night service. Our morning prep cook mysteriously disappeared and I had a question to ask him. “Where’s Scott?” I asked. Lenny, one of our line cooks had cut himself. Scott took him to the hospital. I figured I wouldn’t see either of them for the rest of the night. When I walked into the kitchen earlier that morning, at 7:30 a.m. actually, Scott was already there. Lenny was working service Monday night and he showed up later in the day for his shift. When he injured himself he cut his finger to the bone and suffered minor nerve damage.

An hour and a half later they were both back. Scott stayed until 10:00 p.m. finishing his prep list and helping all of us during a service that was more intense and busier than we expected. Lenny worked in the office for a while before donning a glove and finishing up his shift working sauté.

Chefs are passionate, intense and hardworking people.  As foodies I think we sometimes forget that when we have dinner or lunch in a restaurant someone has been there hours earlier working hard to ensure that our meal is fabulous and unforgettable. Cheers to our chefs, the line cooks and dishwashers who are “behind the scenes” and sometimes forgotten.

*Names have been changed.