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Where To Drink This Week: (Boulder) Colterra

November 20th, 2012 Posted by Boulder, Where To Drink This Week No Comment yet

Eat Local is Now Drink Local

Colterra in Boulder has taken the commitment to buying local products to a whole new level by purchasing liquors produced in Colorado so that diners at Colterra can even “drink local.”  Among others, Jack Rabbit Hill’s MEII Vodka and Leopold Brother’s 3 Pins Alpine Liquor are showcased in the creative infusions prepared by Colterra’s line of skilled bartenders.

Happy hour at Colterra should, and cannot be missed for its quality and affordable price.  Colterra makes it simple with giving you the choice of a Mediterranean French Red or a classic mix such as Sangria, a Cranberry Spritzer, Sweet Tea Lemonade, or a candy flavored Watermelon Lemon Drop.  All of these are priced at  just $4, with the wine costing only $5.  Equally affordable nibbles are available, ranging from $2 to $6.  The fall vegetable and Hazel Dell mushroom ragout or the grilled pear with gorgonzola and crispy polenta are both, of course, local and delectable.

Colterra is located at 210 Franklin Street, Niwot, CO and can be reached at (303) 652-0777.



Where To Eat This Weekend: (Boulder) Colterra

May 11th, 2012 Posted by Boulder, Chefs, Culinary Connectors, restaurants, Where To Eat This Weekend No Comment yet

This weekend, take advantage of a patio less than an hour from the city.  Indulge in the warm sunlight, filtered through 100 year old tree branches while you enjoy what I refer to as “Colorado Comfort Food,” healthy, Colorado-grown (and raised) ingredients paired with a sort of “rib-sticking” creationism.   The local components, sometimes as local as an arm’s reach from the patio, paired with the expertise of Chef Bradford Heap, owner of SALT the Bistro in Boulder and of this well-hidden gem in Niwot, are sure to fill your belly with close-to-home creations crafted after the legacies of Classic French and Northern Italian cuisines.

Colterra, a derivative of the Latin words “Collo” and Terra,” which, combined, mean “to cultivate the earth,” proves true to the origin of its name.  With an evolving menu, based on the availability of local produce, meat and herbs, and an on-site garden featuring vegetables, herbs and edible flowers, Chef Heap’s relatively new endeavor is after the hearts of those true to the “Colorado” way of life.  In addition to supporting our indulgences in local cuisine seven days a week for lunch and dinner and on Saturday and Sunday for a “free range” brunch, this place is also after our Coloradoan-indulgent livers…With happy hour seven days a week.

This weekend, satisfy mid-day hunger pains with an extensive brunch menu, featuring “Never Never” steak and eggs or a burger of the same Peter Pan tendencies, Grand Marnier Beignets or Smoked Wild Salmon Eggs Benedict.  For dinner, try a salad, picked fresh from the patio garden, or an assortment of Colorado-raised meats ranging from lamb to New York Strip to pork.  Sample an assortment of classic cocktails made with Spring 44 vodkas or gins; distilled from a spring in Roosevelt National Forest.

If you don’t have much time this weekend to get out and smell the roses, take a few hours and drive up to Colterra.  As you wind into the quiet town of Niwot, let the warm glow of the patio lights draw you in for an evening, or afternoon, of relaxation and culinary indulgence. – Hiliary Bonner

Colterra is located at 210 Franklin Street  Niwot, CO 80544 (303) 652-0777.


Chevre Cheesecake at Salt Bistro – Oh My!

May 6th, 2010 Posted by Boulder, Chefs, Culinary Connectors No Comment yet

Being a pastry chef it takes an amazing dessert to impress me. While I         have my favorite pastry chefs in Denver – Yasmin from Duo, Deanna Scimio Parker, Nathan from the Kitchen Cafe and Eric from Rioja I rarely find a dessert in town that is worth more than a few bites. Until today. I had the chevre cheesecake at Salt Bistro and I swear my toes curled, the angels sang and pigs flew. Whatever Bradford Heap was thinking, I like it. The cheesecake was firm, encrusted with a pecan nut crumble and served with balsamic strawberries and a candied basil leaf. To all you dessert afficiandos – go and try this. It is worth the drive to Boulder, the calories and anything else that may stop you. For more information about Salt Bistro Click Here