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Syzygy means the alignment of three or more celestial bodies or should I say heavenly bodies? I had the pleasure of touring the kitchen at Syzygy during a Culinary Connector’s Aspen Top Restaurant Tour a few weeks ago. From the chefs in their gleaming white, starchy coats to the lobster stuffed squash blossoms there are many things that are heavenly at Syzygy.

Located downstairs from Ute City, Syzygy draws you in with its sleek décor and then mesmerizes you with its menu. Chef Martin Oswald has created an interesting mix of classic cuisine and molecular gastronomy which the chefs at Syzygy execute very well. A good example is the beef tenderloin, which is served with porcini crumble, stilton powder, bone marrow, crispy béarnaise and mousseline potatoes.  “I want each dish to have a unique element,” says Chef Martin. Also good on the menu is the pistachio schnitzel with lemon spaetzle and the buffalo carpaccio with spring garlic panna cotta. “I especially like the use of a savory panna cotta as you don’t see it very often,” says Sous Chef, Daniel Silver. I agree with Chef Silver and I am anxious to eat at Syzygy again.

Try Syzygy this weekend and experience the heavenliness for yourselves.  Syzygy is open 7 nights a week for dinner starting at 6:00 p.m. Syzygy – 308 East Hopkins Ave., Aspen. 970-925-3700.