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Venturing into Table 6 on a Monday night you never know what you might find. Luckily my girlfriend and I were able to get two spots at the community table. While we sipped our wine and watched the ballet unfold in the kitchen we talked about how important it is in these economic times to support our local and independently owned restaurants – restaurants like Table 6, 12 and Fruition. Restaurants that promote sustainability and local purveyors of produce and farmers. Restaurants with Chefs and owners that care about each component of every dish on their menus and on making a dinner out a memorable experience.

Tasting the fried Brussels sprouts at Table 6 is like tasting a little slice of heaven. Fried until just crispy not limp and served with Parmesan cheese, lemon and truffle oil these are delightful. Then we tried the Clams and Pig. Chef Scott Parker is a genius. Who would have thought to call a dish Clams and Pig, let alone serve fresh bacon confit in a white wine clam sauce with housemade 00 fettuccini? While this is a classic Portuguese pairing I had never seen it in Denver previously. This is why I love Table 6.

My friend and I left T6 happy and contented in many ways. Not only had we enjoyed a fantastic meal but we had also supported an independent restaurant. Let us all make this our “foodie” resolution for 2010.