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Piece, Love & Chocolate is a small, sassy, truly chocolate boutique in Boulder’s West End.  The moment you walk in your senses are filled with brilliant colors, sounds, and sights from the exotic cocoa world.  Truffles sparkle like gems in jewelry-like cases, cakes rotate and tease, pastries entice.  This is a chocolate lover’s heaven.  There is nothing in this store that does not include, well, chocolate.  Everything is sexy, silky, smooth chocolate.  Piece, Love and Chocolate is unlike any other chocolate shop in the Boulder/Denver area.  You can feel the passion, intensity, and love that owner, pastry chef and master chocolatier Sarah Amorese has put into PL&C.  Everything from the music, the aromas, the décor, the retail items, and of course the edible delights, have something to do with chocolate.  Amorese explains her passion for her favorite medium:

What is your culinary background?

My parents sold fruit pies door to door in South Texas.  I didn’t have much interest in baking until later. I went to college to become a graphic designer.  At the time I was also working at Celestial Seasonings as tour guide. I noticed the café wasn’t getting any business.  I thought, I could go to culinary school and come back to turn a major profit. So I attended the Art Institute of Colorado.  I have also studied extensively with master chocolatier and pastry chef Ewald Notter in Orlando.  In fact, I still call him when I need to troubleshoot.

Do you remember the moment you fell in love with chocolate?

I was in Zurich for my husband’s work. While he was in meetings I went into the famed Sprungli, the original store.  I spent two hours in there.  Just taking it all in.  I bought a few of the truffles du jour, went out on the street and took a bite–the crack of the shell, the explosion of the ganache…  I closed my eyes, a man bumped into to me and said, “Gut, ya?”  I was totally lost in the moment.

Where did you come up with the idea for Piece, Love & Chocolate?

After working in the industry for some time, I realized that this business could be cruel, especially to women.  I started an at-home chocolate cake business.  I became busy with cakes and business hiring me to make chocolate sculptures.  The idea came about in 2001-2002, to center a shop around an ingredient everybody loves.  I also wanted to create a friendly environment that encourages my employees to be creative and part of the learning process.

Why do feel PL&C belongs in Boulder?

People who live in this area are well traveled, they appreciate the finer things in life.  For instance, I have a regular customer who comes in weekly to take a break from her kids and family.  She buys her truffles, sits in the corner, and spends her alone time here. Things like good chocolate are well respected in an area like this.

Do you ever grow tired of chocolate?

No!  There is always something you can do with chocolate. The possibilities are endless.

805 Pearl Street
Boulder, Colorado 80302