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Oak at Fourteenth may just be my new favorite restaurant. Is it because I worked with Chef Steve Redzikowski and Bryan Dayton, mixologist extraordinaire and now part of the Denver FIVE during my time at Frasca?


It’s my new favorite because it’s really, really good.

“I just want one thing,” I told Chef Steve when I stopped in for a quick brunch. He started me off with a simple salad with seared tuna. It was perfect – dressed just right – which should be easy to do, but so many restaurants either under dress or over dress their salads. Next came the coffee cured hanger steak and eggs. The steak was beautifully pink, the eggs oozed their yolks and the cheddar fondue that was on the bottom of the plate was silky smooth. At this point my idea of stopping at a couple of other restaurants in Boulder vanished. I crushed that plate and then started anew on the cheese course that Steve sent for dessert. What I particularly love about Oak is that they use very seasonal and local ingredients. Their dessert menu in particular highlights Uncle Pete’s honey, Tommy Knockers root beer, goat cheese made in Basalt, Colorado and Boulder’s Heirloom popcorn.

During brunch I indulged with one of Bryan Dayton’s fun cocktails. I highly suggest his Morning Routine made with Domaine de Canton, campari, lime juice, Leopold’s peach bitters and tonic. My girlfriend who doesn’t drink was delighted to find some interesting non-alcoholic beverages on the menu. She tried the cucumber and mint soda. While we were eating the barkeep started shaving hand carved ice cubes into spheres that fit in low ball glasses. Really, really!

Oak at Fourteenth is a great addition to an already thriving dining scene in Boulder. After eating at Oak I immediately wanted to go back for more. There were many dishes just on their brunch menu that caught my eye, not to mention the house made potato chips, gioia creamery ricotta gnuddi and meatballs with anson mills grits. I’m planning a weekend trip with my fiancée to Boulder so that we can spend most of that time happily ensconced in front of the open kitchen at Oak.

Try Oak anytime during the week or weekend (they are closed on Mondays), but in particular, if you have time Tuesday, February 8th, Oak is hosting a wine dinner with winemaker Fabrizio Iuli. Chef Steve is creating a five course-tasting menu with paired wines for just $75 per person. Not only does Fabrizio make fabulous wine, the menu looks fabulous as well. Steve is planning on making cocoa braised boar, crispy pork belly and chicken live pate. Just reading the menu makes my foodie soul sing!  To make reservations please call 303-444-3622.

Oak at Fourteenth – 1400 Pearl St., Boulder. 303-444-3622. Weekdays: 11:30 am – 10:00 pm. Closed Mondays. Weekends: 10:30 am – 10:00 pm