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I woke up Saturday morning with a foodie hangover. The night before I ate rich food and drank some fine wine. Friday night was one of those decadent foodie moments when surrounded by great friends and feeling utterly pampered by the servers I enjoyed salumi, frico caldo, asparagus soup, lobster gnocchi, rib eye and then a decadent chocolate torte. Even better these courses were paired with the most amazing wines, Livio Felluga Terre Alte, Barolo and Puligny Montrachet just to name a few. I’m not counting calories because if I did I may have a nervous breakdown.

During the week I try to eat nothing but lean protein and veggies for the only purpose of being able to indulge on the weekends. I am also a regular on the elliptical machine at the gym – we’re very close friends that elliptical machine and me. So after a night of enjoying well-composed dishes due to the liberal use of butter, chicken fat and cream no doubt, I woke up and was instantly sorry and at the same time giddy. The food buzz from the night before was still upon me and I wanted nothing more than to repeat the evening again. We foodies deal with the foodie hangover because in the moment when the lighting is beautiful, as music is made from the clink of silverware and wine stems, as we watch the graceful ballet of servers bringing dishes to the table, listen to the murmured conversations all around us, discover amazing dishes (hello risotto) and savor the taste of wine, we know that this makes us truly happy and that makes a foodie hangover/the calories/the extra workouts so worth it.