Kitchen Disasters

September 2nd, 2010 Posted by Chefs No Comment yet

Ever finished five hotel pans of tirimisu and realized you had used salt instead of sugar? Ever had to get through a dinner service with raw sewage pouring out of the ceiling in a kitchen? Ever had a hot water heater break in the middle of a guest chef dinner? Ever went to scoop ice cream and found it was too soft to serve (with 30 people anxiously waiting for their dessert and the GM of the restaurant glaring at you)?

Kitchen disasters. They happen to professional chefs all the time. Having personally experienced two of the above I have to say that dealing with a nightmarish situation in a kitchen usually brings out the best in everyone. Creative problem solving and copious shots of whiskey can bond a crew in a kitchen like no other team-building exercise can.

How were the above problems solved? Well……

The tirimisu was remade. Huge sheets of plastic were hung in the kitchen to keep the raw sewage spill as sanitary as possible. The smell was another story. Dishes were shuttled back and forth to a restaurant close by until a new hot water heater was installed in the middle of the event. Guests had to wait on their ice cream, but by the second turn of the night the rest of the ice cream had set up and all was well again.

Disasters. Stress. Whiskey. It’s all part of being a professional kitchen. Please feel free to share your own kitchen nightmares with me. Cheers!

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