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By Becky Creighton

It might be easy to forget that one of the city’s hottest Italian restaurants is also open for lunch during the week. il Posto is a short drive from downtown, making this small, neighborhood restaurant a perfect spot for a great lunch.

I walked in and ran into my “West Virginia brother”, sous chef Ryan Gorby of ChoLon Restaurant, who was there meeting a friend for lunch.  I grabbed a seat at the chefs bar and watched as the dining room slowly filled up.

il Posto has nailed it.  They offer great food, a relaxing atmosphere and attentive service.  The pace is up to you;  you need to be back in an hour – no problem, business lunch – perfect spot, leisurely lunch with friends – great wine list.

The food is up to executive chef/owner Andrea Frizzi and his long term staff.  The chef behind the stove today was Mario, who has been with Andrea for just under three years, and the food was up to him.  (And I was a lucky girl for it.) I love sitting at the chefs counter and talking with them as they cook and I particularly like asking them what to order.  Mario suggested the butternut squash soup with fresh figs and housemade chamomile and apple marsh mellows.  Yep, I said marsh mellows and they were delicious.  The hot soup hit these pillows of fluffly, flavor love and melted to a create a creamy texture in the soup, it was delicious.  And on a cool, fall day, it was perfect.

House made taglierini with manilla clams

Next up was the house made  taglierini with manilla clams in a heirloom tomato broth with a hint of cayenne pepper.  The flavors and textures worked so well together and it was the perfect amount of food.  Both dishes also paired quite nicely with the crisp Falanghina I had ordered when I sat down.

I would like to say I had a wonderful dessert but I was too full and a bit crunched on time.  I would have liked to have stayed to sample some of their confections, drink another glass of wine and continue to chat with chefs Andrea, Mario and Jeff (who has been there for two years) but it was time to move on to my next meeting.

I so enjoyed my lunch experience there I won’t be forgetting about il Posto for lunch and I definitely look forward to returning to this quaint and delicious restaurant.