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I love pizza. I especially love artisanal pizza baked in a wood fire oven.  Right now I am having a love affair with Kaos pizza on South Pearl Street. This little shop is turning out some of the best “za” in town. There are many excellent pizza places in our city but why has this one has captured my heart?  Does it have anything to do with me knowing the owner, having heard the story of how the pizza oven got delivered – an event so nerve wracking that once it was installed everyone involved did a vodka shot? Is it because they make their crust with double 00 flour – flour so fine it feels like talcum powder? Is it because they use San Marzano tomatoes in their sauce and Fiore di latte fresh Mozzarella cheese? Or that they have one of the best patios in all of Denver? That they serve Italian wine in these funky plastic wine glasses? That the pizza is close your eyes good? The answer is a resounding yes!

Last Saturday night I took my 13 year old for a pepperoni pie. He is always skeptical about going out to eat with his “foodie” mother. He’s sat through many multi-course meals with a look of impatience on his face. How pleasant was it to watch him not only devour his pizza but also declare that he wanted to come back. High praise indeed.

Kaos Pizza – 1439 South Pearl Street, Denver. 303-733-5267.