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I have a new crush. Sure I’ve had flings and love affairs with other restaurants before….Adega, Table 6, Vesta Dipping Grill and the Kitchen. They are part of my romance with restaurants and fine dining and always will be; but there is something so exciting about a new crush. From the butterflies in your stomach, never knowing what is just around the corner, and the heart pounding, tingly feeling you get just before you have an encounter, it just feels good. My new crush is Bistro One. Last night in the cold rain I wondered into Bistro One for the purpose of getting a good photo for my chef interview with Olav Peterson. I had already decided that I would order an appetizer and a glass of wine. It was happy hour. With my  $4 sauvignon blanc from Australia in my hand, I ordered the pork belly and expected that to end my evening at Bistro One.  The pork belly was so beautifully composed, layers of crispy spring onion polenta, pork belly with a celery remoulade that I couldn’t help myself. I ordered another glass of wine and the housemade spaghettini. It was perfect, al dente pasta, crushed tomatoes, bacon, housemade ricotta and a hint of spiciness. I couldn’t help myself.  I ordered another glass of wine and the strawberry fritters. The strawberries came rolled in dough and fried. They tasted like bread and jam. Oh it was good – and so started my crush with Bistro One. It’s fabulous. I’ll try not to be a stalker but I expect to turn up at Bistro One very, very often.