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Next time you’re in Boulder, check out Fresh Thymes for a home cooked, allergen free food with quality, local ingredients.  The entire restaurant is gluten and peanut free, and most dishes are free from dairy and soy.  However, even people without allergies will delight in the food Fresh Thymes offers because it is simply good food anyone can appreciate.

The 6 philosophies Fresh Thymes is founded on are:

1. Skip food science.  The food doesn’t have any additives or unpronounceable, unrecognizable ingredients.

2. Eat like your great grandma.  Your great grandma didn’t have a diet full of processed foods.  Instead it was grass fed meats, pasture raised chickens, organic poultry, all natural cheeses and local produce and honey.  Fresh Thymes also believes this is what food should still be.

3. Call dibs on local.  Fresh Thymes uses local ingredients as much as possible, and has a goal to source at least 60% ingredients locally.

4. Listen to your body.  Stop when you’re full, eat when you’re hungry.

5. Show allergens the exit.  Fresh Thymes is gluten and peanut free and other allergenic foods are used sparingly and are marked on the menu.

6. Find better fats.  Fresh Thymes doesn’t use any canola or peanut oils- instead they use coconut and extra virgin olive oil.

New Happy Hour Menu

Fresh Thymes just rolled out a new happy hour menu that is available 4-6:30pm Monday-Saturday that includes small bites for $2 and specials on wine.

Must try items include:

-Anything with their steak

-Zucchini fritters with sriracha aioli

-Curry kale chips

-Chewy ginger cookies

-Any of their grilled pizzas

-Magic bars

Until Fresh Thymes opens a location in Denver, it is worth the trip to Boulder to check out this restaurant.  They are proving you can serve quality, healthy food that anyone can like- including those with food allergies.

Fresh Thymes is located at 2500 30th St. Boulder 80301 303-955-7988.  They are open Monday-Saturday from 11am-9pm, happy hour Monday-Saturday 4-6:30pm.