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Jim Warren – Cheese Maker

Fruition Farms Dairy

Jim Warren – Cheese Maker/Shepard

It was at Auburn University that Jimmy discovered his passion for food and cooking. His path in food led him to his degree at Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI. Working with the areaʼs best chefs, Jimmy used that knowledge to land himself a cooking position at Fruition Restaurant in Denver. His work ethic and bright mind propelled him through the ranks of the kitchen to sous chef within a short period of time. Those same qualities are what made him so valuable at the farm.

Without any farming background, Jimmy took to animal husbandry and became the dairyʼs first shepherd. As the year progressed, so did his job description. His capacity for learning helped transition the direction of our cheese making procedures and aid in the development of the dairyʼs first soft ripened cheese.  He is now the lead cheese maker at Fruition Farms Dairy, making delicious cheese like the Shepard’s Halo.