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Culinary Connectors offers walking and top restaurant tours around various neighborhoods in Denver.  One of the stops on the Savor the Flavors tour with Culinary Connectors is EVOO in LoDo.  Culinary Connectors usually stops at restaurants, cafes to show case the tastes and skill of Denver neighborhood chefs, but we also highlight unique food pairings as in the case of EVOO.  EVOO was founded in 2008 by Mick and Carolyn Major when they moved to Denver from Appleton, WI to open EVOO.  They pride themselves on show casing genuine, fresh quality products and encouraging customers to sample the products before they buy.

EVOO Market Place

You won’t find any sub-standard run of the mill olive oils or balsamic vinegars like from a supermarket; instead you will find olive oils from the Northern and Southern hemispheres that have multi-layer flavor profiles and textures.  There are infused flavored olive oils that will astound your taste buds: white truffle, garlic, Persian lime olive oil, and on and on.  During a Culinary Connector tour, you will learn first hand from Mick the differences between olive oils, what to look for and the differences between flavor infused and flavor fused olive oils.

Participants on the Culinary Connector tour will be able to sample oils and balsamics at a discounted price specific for this tour.  Click here for more information on Culinary Connector tours and what else you can expect on the tour.

EVOO is located at 1338 15th St. Denver 80202.  303-974-5784

Open Monday-Saturday 11am-6pm; Sunday 11am-4pm

There are other EVOO locations in Littleton, Aspen and at the Cherry Creek farmers market.