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Forget the artificially flavored, colored and super sweet popsicles you remember from childhood.  Aiko Pops is a modern day popsicle shop serving artisinal, fresh, homemade, preservative free popsicles along with hand crafted sandiwches, soups and fruit de pate.  The flavor combinations are constantly changing, as Aiko strives for quality products and unparalleled creativity.  Where else can you find a cucumber sesame, avocado orange, peach chamomile or goat cheese/honey/date popsicle?

Aiko Pops was started in 2011 by owner, Christopher who started peddling a bike around Denver farmers markets with unique flavored popsicles.  Aiko continued to grow with more and more bikes, and soon grew into having a store front on South Pearl street complete with an outdoor patio.  Adults and kids a like fell in love with the simple, quality fresh tasting flavor combinations from Aiko.

The name Aiko means love child in Japanese, as Aiko Pops is and was started with passion, fun and love.  The highly creative, unique and ever changing menu items are designed to match the freshest ingredients available and in season.  Don’t just assume it’s a popsicle shop; the sandwich and soup menu is just as high caliber as their frozen treats.  The pate de fruit is also a must try; they are simply fruit, pectin, citric acid and sugar.  They come in unique flavors such as strawberry balsamic, prickly pear and melon lime.

Aioko Pops is one of the stops on the Culinary Connector Savor the Flavor tours in the South Pearl St. area.  You may also see an Aiko Pops bike around other parts of Denver, as they are selling popsicles in many locations.

Aiko Pops is located at 1284 S. Pearl St. Denver 80210.  Phone # 303-996-6400.

Open daily 11am-8pm.