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When Becky Creighton decided to begin the food tour company Culinary Connectors, she had no idea it would grow into what it is today. After just five years of business, Becky Creighton has brought Colorado’s dining scene to over 2,000 people who have attended her exclusive, behind-the-scenes food tours in Boulder, Aspen, and Denver. With a certificate of excellence from Trip Advisor, Culinary Connectors is looking enthusiastically to a future filled with bite after bite and sip after sip of the best Colorado dining has to offer.

In light of this important milestone, I got a chance to sit down with Culinary Connector’s proud President, the devoted foodie behind the magic, Becky Creighton in order to get the inside scoop on what the future holds for Culinary Connectors, her popular radio show Culinary Connectors Live, next year’s Toques and ‘Tails, and her newest creation, Smart Chef Marketing, the one stop shop for restaurant marketing.

Becky Creighton, Culinary Connectors President, Host of Culinary Connectors Live, & Co-Partner of Smart Chef Marketing


“I wanted to introduce people to the huge pool of culinary talent present in Colorado.” Becky explains when I ask her what inspired her to begin Colorado’s first culinary tour company. Becky, always a foodie at heart, had previously lived in San Francisco and Philadelphia, two American cities well-known for their rich and ever-growing dining scenes. When she came to Colorado, she found a new dining scene brimming with just as much culinary talent. As she explored this multi-layered foodie heaven, her enthusiasm grew to a point in which she felt inspired to share her newest culinary finds with people beyond her immediate social network.

Then the time came when starting a company to do just this became an actual possibility. “It all started when I was waiting to hear back on a job and I just couldn’t get the idea of beginning a culinary tour company out of my head. I finally decided to give it a try, just as a way to tide me over. There was no food tour company at the time. Of course, now there are six, all of which are very different from Culinary Connectors.” Five years later, Becky sits smiling over the thought of her company. As the Colorado dining scene continues to grow with new and fresh talent, and innovative restaurants keep popping up around town what seems like every day, Becky seems to have opened the door to a gold mine of culinary talent.

Just as eager as the scene itself are the Colorado diners who can’t seem to ever get enough. Many tune into Becky’s popular talk show that, you guessed it, revolves entirely around food. Becky brings some of Denver’s freshest talent to the microphone, introducing her listeners to chefs, farmers, food artisans, and anyone else behind Colorado’s fine eats that people would never normally get the chance to hear from. This is just one avenue by which Becky has used to bring the culinary scene to people. Last May, she also hosted the inaugural chef and bartending competition “Toques and ‘Tails” that brought some of the culinary and beverage talent from Denver and Boulder’s most creative and cutting-edge restaurants out for this one event.

Becky’s foodie events don’t stop there, as she has also begun a private event niche within her company, offering any foodie the chance to have Culinary Connectors personally design and implement a food-based event using their V.I.P access to the best chefs, restaurants, and food artisans of Colorado.

Just recently, Becky decided to add another company onto her plate, this time combining her business tech-filled past with food to create Smart Chef Marketing, a company that does the social media side of running a restaurant so that chefs and busy restaurant owners who don’t have the time, knowledge, or desire to infiltrate the virtual techno world don’t have to.

After five years, what is the secret to Becky’s Creighton’s success? “I had a business filled past” Becky explains, and when you combine business expertise with passion, things are bound to happen. Of course, Becky had a lot of help along the way. As she takes a moment to think of everyone she would like to thank over the five years, she sends her gratitude out to Fruition’s Alex Seidel, food photographer Alan Hill, and all of the chefs who have supported her from the beginning and still continue to raise a helping hand. Above all, Becky wants to thank all those ardent foodies who were daring enough to engage in a Culinary Connectors’ adventure. Becky thanks the foodies of the world for their support and looks forward to introducing them to more of Colorado’s culinary talents!