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Being a pastry chef it takes an amazing dessert to impress me. While I         have my favorite pastry chefs in Denver – Yasmin from Duo, Deanna Scimio Parker, Nathan from the Kitchen Cafe and Eric from Rioja I rarely find a dessert in town that is worth more than a few bites. Until today. I had the chevre cheesecake at Salt Bistro and I swear my toes curled, the angels sang and pigs flew. Whatever Bradford Heap was thinking, I like it. The cheesecake was firm, encrusted with a pecan nut crumble and served with balsamic strawberries and a candied basil leaf. To all you dessert afficiandos – go and try this. It is worth the drive to Boulder, the calories and anything else that may stop you. For more information about Salt Bistro Click Here