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Where to Drink This Week: Denver – Star Bar

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Denver’s Star Bar Outshines the Rest

 Star Bar

Every Denver-ite knows that Denver is filled with watering holes, all offering a unique drinking experience. In this myriad of drinking options, it can be hard to find that one bar that fits you and your drinking needs to a tee. If you have not yet found it yet, do not despair as there is one watering hole that is downtown Denver’s best kept secret…well until now!

The bar is known among those in the know-how as Star Bar. The bar has been around since the late 50’s, serving the Denver community for decades, and now stands as one of Denver’s oldest surviving watering holes. Like a good wine, Star bar has just kept getting better with age. With the help of some gentle renovations done in 2010, Star Bar took on a new modern appearance on the inside, while retaining its good ole fashioned free spirit (including high-quality Colorado spirits) in the inside.

Spirits at Star Bar

Star Bar’s Good Ole Fashioned Free Spirits!

With a little facelift Star Bar has been shining bright and Denver’s popular media has been taking notice. Beginning in March 2011, Star Bar was voted “People’s Choice Best Dive Bar” by Denver magazine. This was closely followed by recognition from Denver’s 5280 Magazine that declared the Star Bar as their “Editors Choice Best Dive Bar” in July 2011. To add to the mix, Westword came along and noted Star Bar as “People’s Choice – Best Karaoke” just this year!

So what makes Star Bar so unique? The list is long but goes something like this: beers in cans including 17+ Colorado craft cans on hand at all times, 18 handles, classic cocktails made with local and craft spirits, and some spirits you’ve probably never even heard of, beer cocktails, smoked cocktails that involve a blow torch, and a made from scratch sour mix served regular or spicy with infused Serrano pepper. For those “Go Local!” fans they will be happy to know that Star Bar serves more local spirits than any other bar or restaurant in Denver. If it is made locally, they probably have it! The only thing they don’t have is the “cotton candy ginger chocolate carmel berry fudge stick spiked frappu-please-no!” drink you can find down the street on any block of your choosing.

With an eclectic line-up of craft beers and one-of-a-kind spirits mixed and matched to form Star Bar’s signature cocktails, it is no wonder that Star Bar has been drawing attention. Denver’s former best kept secret, a dive bar tucked in the Ballpark Neighborhood is now out, and the star is shining brightly like never before!

Star Bar is located at 2137 Larimer St. Denver CO 80205; Tel: (720) 328-2420. Open Daily from 4pm – 1:30 am.

Now for the Denver foodie trivia question to see how educated of a foodie you are!

In what year was Star Bar actually founded?

Tune in this coming Friday for the answer!

The answer to last Friday’s blog question: “True/False: The classic French bistros are said to have developed in the basement kitchens of Parisian apartment buildings by landlords who were seeking extra income by offering their tenants room and board that included French home-style cooking.” Answer: “True, the humble beginnings of the classic French bistro include basements kitchens tucked under the Parisian apartment buildings with untrained chefs in the form of landlords cooking up simple homemade fare.

Where to Drink This Week: Denver – Wynkoop Brewing

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LoDo’s Legendary Public House


Courtesy of Denverjeffrey under the following license: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported at

Located on the corner of 18th & Wynkoop in the Mile High City, LoDo’s legendary public house serves as a gathering place for those looking to enjoy some of Colorado’s finest brews and spirits all under one roof. The idea of such a public house that would cater to the Denver community began with a group of business pioneers including a young Governor John Hickenlooper. The goal these young entrepreneurs had in mind was to brew beer and in the process foster a community.

A couple of decades later, Wynkoop Brewery stands as a testament to the ability of one brewery to bring together a community that spans the beautiful state of Colorado. From start to finish you can taste test a never-ending supply of locally produced beer and spirits. They can come straight up or in the form of a cocktail, and are best enjoyed with a hearty plate of wild west cuisine.

Starting off, you have to first relish in the Wynkoop beer of your choosing. Wynkoop alone has a large enough selection to keep you entertained through the afternoon, evening, and most likely your next visits as well. Nevertheless, it is always nice to enjoy beer in the form of a cocktail. Pairing beer with unexpected combinations, the flavor profiles of Wynkoop’s lineup of beer cocktails will keep you guessing their ingredients all night long. For a taste of a little German style, warm up to the “Wixa-Vixen” made with the Wixa Weiss brew and Odwalla O.J. For an amply spiced medley to warm you up on a cold Colorado winter day, Wynkoop offers the “Koop Margarita” made of Chili beer, Sauza Silver, a splash of Cointreau, a squeeze of fresh lime, and a sprinkling of coarse sea salt.

Beyond the brew are Colorado spirits from well-known local producers such as Jack Rabbit Hill, Leopold Brothers, 3 Pins liquor, Montanya, Peach St. Distillers, and Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey. Wynkoop uses this stellar lineup in their Crafstman Cocktails such as their “Raspberry-Thyme Cosmo” and their “Breckenridge Sour” served with an amareno cherry. You may also want to try Wynkoop’s house infusions that include vodka with lemon, grapefruit, raspberry-thyme, jalapeno black peppercorn, and vanilla. Gin may also be infused with cucumber and tarragon.

When all is said and done, Wynkoop Brewery lays the foundation for community by bringing together some of Colorado’s best brews and spirits to be enjoyed in a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. If you are looking for Denver’s legendary public house, you have found it at the corner of 18th and Wynkoop!


Wynkoop Brewery is located at 1634 18th St. Denver CO 80202; Tel:303-297-2700.

Now for the Denver foodie trivia question to see how educated of a foodie you are!

In what year was Wynkoop Brewery founded by Colorado governor John Hickenlooper?

Tune in this coming Friday for the answer!

The answer to last Friday’s blog question: “Where does the name Satchel in ‘Satchel’s on 6th’ come from?” Answer: “Satchel’s on 6th is named after the owner’s youngest son.

Where to Drink This Week: Denver – The Lobby

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Meet me at the Lobby

Meet at the Lobby

Meet at the Lobby

The lobby of any building is a gathering place, a place where people meet and greet, hold a business meeting, or old and new friends enjoy a moment together. In the lobby of one of Denver’s most historic buildings built in the year 1891 is a glimmering red brick, black leather, and hardwood floored restaurant where people meet to linger over liquid pleasures. This little spot is appropriately named, “The Lobby,” and is one of Denver’s most historic drinking spots.

With the history still etched into the original brick work and the old Victorian accents, The Lobby has retained its aged elegance in a manner that is modern as well. Complete with a sort of secret European style garden courtyard in the back, the setting of The Lobby is ideal for anyone seeking a stylish oasis from the city.

Denver's The Lobby

Denver’s The Lobby

As you sit down in this oasis, you will be handed The Lobby’s “Drink Book” containing a heading at the top, “Nectar of the Gods.” Among the nectars to choose from is a wide-ranging beer list in the form of bottles, cans, and draught. From a PBR Tall Boy that sizes up to a full 24 oz. to a New Belgium Fat Tire, The Lobby offers tastes and sizes for every appetite.

The Lobby's Line-up of Beers on Tap

The Lobby’s Line-up of Beers on Tap

For something novel, The Lobby serves up its own unique “Beer Concoctions” such as the “Hopped Ginger” made with Great Divide Titan IPA and Goslings Ginger Beer. If you are feeling a bit hedonistic, try “Johnny Appleseed’s Guilty Pleasure,” a sinful mix of Leopold apple, Coors Light, and Fee Brothers Bitters.

For wine lovers, The Lobby offers tastes from California and Europe. The Lobby’s guests can sip upon a Pinot Grigio from Campanile Winery in Italy or a Pinot Grigio from Stone Cellars in Napa Valley, California. For a bold red from California, try the Lobby’s Kitchen Sink blend or a spicier Rosemount Shiraz. For a little bubbly, there is always Lunetta Prosecco.

The Lobby’s cocktails extend beyond beer, to include such fall-inspired mixes as the “Big Apple” with Woodford Reserve, cinnamon apple infusion, and Fee Brothers Bitters served on the rocks. Another glass full of autumn flavor comes in the form of the “Apple Cider Margarita,” a unique medley of El Jimador Anejo Tequila, Cointreau, apple cider, and a splash of orange juice served on the rocks and topped off with a cinnamon sugar rim. To finish it all off right, sink your lips around and dip your spoon into a Stranahan’s Root Beer Float topped off with a rather large scoop of vanilla ice cream. After such an ending, you won’t hesitate the next time someone says to you, “Meet me at the Lobby.”

The Lobby is located at 2191 Arapahoe St Denver, CO 80205; Tel: (303) 997-9911. Happy Hour is from Tuesday to Saturday 3-6:30 p.m. and Friday to Saturday 9-11p.m.

Now for the Denver foodie trivia question to see how educated of a foodie you are!

The Lobby is located in the lobby of the building of what historic Denver hotel? Hint: It is named after a major European city known for its wide streets, grand palaces, gardens, and its pointy, tall landmark.

Tune in this coming Tuesday for the answer!

The answer to this past Tuesday’s blog question: “Taleggio cheese is an Italian cheese featured on much of the menu at Trattoria Stella. Approximately how long has Taleggio cheese been a major part of Italian cuisine?” Answer: “The cheese Taleggio has been around since the time of ancient Rome! Cicero, Cato the Elder, and Pliny the Elder all mentioned Taleggio cheese in their writings.”