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Dining at Café Aion is like stepping into a friend’s house. After completely changing the space that used to be Burnt Toast on the hill in Boulder, Chefs/Owners Eric, Dakota and Jason have created a comfortable and homey atmosphere. The long banquette with pillows, the personal touches like climbing equipment and photographs from friends are all just part of their successful effort to create a restaurant that reflects who they are. The food is fabulous as well.

Aion’s menu consists of tapas or la merenda, dishes meant to be shared. The chefs at Aion are committed to using local produce as you might imagine. All of them spent time cooking at the Kitchen, another Boulder restaurant known for their farm to table and green approach. Like it says on their website, Aion is committed to the philosophy of crafting quality food into simple, soulful bites. They do it very well. From the fava bean bruschetta, housemade charcuterie plate, fried almonds and a perfect apricot tart, dining at Aion is an experience to repeat.

Starting August 3rd Café Aion will open for breakfast, lunch and dinner Tuesday through Sunday. Café Aion – 1235 Pennsylvania Ave. Boulder 303-993-8131