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I love Brunch. There is something very decadent about sleeping in on a Sunday and then making my way to a restaurant to celebrate Sunday “Funday”. While there are many cool brunch spots in Denver, my favorite at the moment is The Kitchen Café in Boulder.

The Kitchen Café is sunny and low key. Known for it’s eco practices and support of local farms and products, the Kitchen is simple and straightforward and a good place to relax before heading back to work on Monday.

Nathan Miller, pastry chef, has his hand rolled croissants on the brunch menu. They are fabulous – flaky, buttery and filled with chocolate. If you don’t get to The Kitchen early most likely the croissants will be gone. Consider yourself warned. Also on the menu is fresh coffee cake and canneles – a small pastry that is super crispy on the outside, creamy and doughy on the inside.

The tomato soup, the full English breakfast and the fries are all good choices for those of you who like a more savory brunch. A few mimosas or a bloody Mary makes your Sunday a very “Funday”. The next time you feel like postponing the week ahead brunch at The Kitchen Café is a good choice.