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With spring finally here, many of us are starting to make plans for our gardens.  While we are dreaming of sipping iced tea among colorful blossoms under blue skies, why not consider planting a bee-friendly garden?  There has been a lot of talk lately about the buzzing honeybee. Our fuzzy striped friends are dying at an alarming rate: approximately 30-40% of their hives are lost each year. The importance lies in the fact that bees pollinate one third of the fruit and vegetables we eat.  Scientists have not pinpointed this worldwide disaster, although it’s widely believed to be caused by insecticides. In addition to signing the many online petitions, we can also plant our gardens without using pesticides, or plant purple and blue flowers, bees’ favorite colors. For the truly adventurous, urban beekeeping has become a trend. Of course, our supporting local honey makers, like Kenter Farms, is always a delicious way to help support bees and their beekeeping friends. In helping honeybees we can assure that most chefs’ favorite season (and ours) will arrive full of abundant spring fruits and vegetables.  That’s pretty sweet.