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It’s summer! Which means it’s grilling season, or as some might say “barbeque” season.  I love to cook and I love to learn…about cooking.  So, I invited Certified BBQ Master, John Head to be on my radio show.  John runs the BBQ Cooking School, which is a correspondence course, which I will be taking and summarizing here in my blog and on my radio show.  (Which airs every Saturday at 2 pm MST on AM760 in Denver or on

Ok, now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk grilling, which isn’t actually BBQ’ing, but, some consider it to be so.  For sake of this class and my blog, the BBQ Cooking School starts our their lesson with grilling.  And a pretty easy start at that.  At least that is what I thought.  The first lesson is grilling hamburgers.

Grill needs to be between 425-450 degrees.

Like any good American on a warm, summer day, I fired up my grill (a propane Weber).  I needed to get it to 425-450 degrees.  While my grill was heating up I got all of my ingredients together; beef bouillon, dried onions (I used shallots), worcestershire sauce and corn starch (odd addition, but, I’m going with it – it’s in the book.  I can be creative later.)

3/4″ thick patties

I got it all together, mixed it lightly and gently made 3/4″ patties.  I went and checked the grill, 550 degrees!  Ok, open the lid, let it cool and bring it back up.  I put the patties on the grill and patiently (usually not a word in my vocabulary, but, again, it’s in the book) waited five minutes before I could turn it.  Not flip it, we’re looking for cross hatch marks, after all, we eat with our eyes first.  I waited and went to turn my burgers, but, they didn’t want to budge.  Which means, they aren’t ready to move.  More waiting.  tick tock tick tock.  I tried again – now they were ready.  I turned them and had to wait some more.

At this point you might think you can walk away.  You could, but, fat and fire tend to have a volatile relationship, so, best to stick around.  After all, we’re making grilled hamburgers, not charred ones.

NOW, it was time to flip them over….and wait some more.  But, at least this time I could put the buns on the grill to toast them up because my burgers were nearly cooked to perfection.


Lesson 1 – Grilled Hamburger

I checked the buns, nicely toasted (and I noticed I have a cool spot in my grill – good to know.)  I took the burgers off and let them rest just a little.  And there you have it.  I completed my first lesson, grilling hamburgers.  And, I had a very critical judge, my 11 year old son.  I was curious what he would think of the added ingredients.

“What do you think Sam?”.

“These are awesome! How come we don’t have these more often?”

I’m taking that as I passed my first lesson.

Stayed tuned for next week – I’m grilling chicken parts and beer can chicken isn’t far behind.

What are some of your BBQ hits?  Any BBQ disasters?  (We’ve all had them!)