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Grilled Chicken Parts

I get it, chicken parts don’t sound very appealing, but, that was the name of the second lesson.  I confess, I used only legs and thighs because that’s what was in my freezer.  Here’s how this all went down, I defrosted the chicken in salt water (aka a brine) in my refrigerator the day before I was going to grill the chicken.  That morning I took the chicken out of the brine and set the chicken on a plate and placed it back in the refrigerator, I did not rinse the chicken.  I wanted the skin to dry out (a technique I use when roasting a turkey or whole chicken).  I have to admit, this is not in the guide I am using from the BBQ Cooking School.  But, I do know if I grill chicken when it’s wet it won’t crisp as much as much as it will steam, I wanted crisp skin.  I seasoned it with salt & pepper and was ready to grill.

I did learn a new technique, indirect grilling.  I turned the my very old Weber on to heat to 350 degrees, then I turned off the front burner (my grill has three burners) and placed the chicken over the burner I turned off, closed the grill for 20 minutes, flipped the chicken and shut the lid again for 20 minutes.  And, the last part was to flip the chicken one last time and grill for the last ten minutes.  At this point, I could have brushed the chicken with barbecue sauce but chose not to do so.

At fifty minutes, it’s not a quick dinner, but, it certainly was tasty and the chicken wasn’t dry at all.  Now, this may have something to do with the brine but you can brine all you want and if you over cook the chicken it’s still going to be dry.  For my size family, I could easily cook enough chicken to make a great dinner.  I was pleasantly surprised at the flavor and the crispiness of the skin.

So far, my burgers and my chicken parts have improved significantly, I’m loving this class!  Stay tuned next week, I’m grilling ribs!