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Eat Local is Now Drink Local

Colterra in Boulder has taken the commitment to buying local products to a whole new level by purchasing liquors produced in Colorado so that diners at Colterra can even “drink local.”  Among others, Jack Rabbit Hill’s MEII Vodka and Leopold Brother’s 3 Pins Alpine Liquor are showcased in the creative infusions prepared by Colterra’s line of skilled bartenders.

Happy hour at Colterra should, and cannot be missed for its quality and affordable price.  Colterra makes it simple with giving you the choice of a Mediterranean French Red or a classic mix such as Sangria, a Cranberry Spritzer, Sweet Tea Lemonade, or a candy flavored Watermelon Lemon Drop.  All of these are priced at  just $4, with the wine costing only $5.  Equally affordable nibbles are available, ranging from $2 to $6.  The fall vegetable and Hazel Dell mushroom ragout or the grilled pear with gorgonzola and crispy polenta are both, of course, local and delectable.

Colterra is located at 210 Franklin Street, Niwot, CO and can be reached at (303) 652-0777.