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Where to Eat This Weekend: Denver – Pajama Baking Company

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Sip & Savor at Denver’s Most Lovable Neighborhood Cafe

In crowded urban cities where you can rarely get away from the sound of traffic, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to find that quaint, open-air neighborhood cafe where you can feel at ease enough to spend a lazy spring afternoon.  Luckily, Denver has such a gem located off old S. Pearl St. known to all of its regulars as “PBC” and to its first time visitors as the Pajama Baking Company.

“Why Pajama Baking?” you might ponder.  Well, because that is what the bakers sometimes wear (or dream of wearing) when they are up in the wee hours of the morning baking the breads and sweets for the day.  Sure enough, PBC’s bakers are up each morning making the breads and sweets of the day so you are always ensured the freshest bread at PBC.

This bread is vital to PBC’s specialty and market sandwiches such as their “Ham-a-lot” made with a generous helping of black forest ham, a layer of swiss chesse, topped with creole mustard, and then nestled away into a freshly baked baguette.  If that doesn’t make your tongue water, maybe you would rather try their “Charlie Melt” with its high stack of tuna salad, muenster cheese, cucumber, tomato, and greens on a light and fluffy white bread.

PBC offers much more than sandwiches, with signature pizzas made when ordered and  filling salads packed with high-end ingredients such as fresh blueberries, gorgonzola cheese, and house made croutons.  Breakfast is just as enticing with house toasted granola, Coda Coffee that is certified USDA Organic & Fair Trade, and Colorado produced Vail Mountain Teas.

The use of the freshest, high-quality ingredients coupled with an atmosphere unmatched by any other cafe in town makes an afternoon at the PBC so delicious that you might just want to sip and savor it while you can.

The Pajama Baking Company is located at 1595 S. Pearl St. Denver CO 80210-2634; Tel: 303-733-3622.

Where to Drink This Week: Denver – Three Lions Pub

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An Authentic London Pub Tucked Away on Denver’s Colfax Ave.


Modeled after some of the finest pubs in London, the Three Lions Pub off of the historic Colfax Ave. in Denver offers all of the benefits of a true British pub.  Within its friendly confines, any guest to Three Lions pub may feel welcome and at ease, ready to share in the friendship, camaraderie, and passion of one’s fellow pub goers.  A true British pub offers a haven from the everyday grind, distracting its guests with non-stop football (i.e. soccer), endless drinks, and house made curry that will make one’s reality outside of the pub drift far far away.

Fully dressed in memorabilia, the Three Lions Pub is home to many sports teams and their fans, with its most devoted english premier league followers arriving at the odd hours of the morning to watch these European based games live.  Greeted by fellow football fanatics, these devotees arrive clad in their team’s attire with thirsty tongues and high spirits.Luckily, the weekend football specials include $3.50 Bloody Mary’s and $3.75 Mimosas that are offered at this discount price from 7 am to 11 am, and earlier for any red-eye games that must be watched in the we small hours of the morning while all non-football fans are fast asleep.

European staple beers such as Paulaner – Munchen and Copenhagen’s Carlsberg Beer are always on tap at Three Lions.  During the regular late afternoon happy hour, European drafts are just $4 for a 14 oz and $5 for a 20 oz.  The best American microbrews are offered for $1 less, and $3 will buy you the well or wine of your choice.  Nowhere else can you refresh from your afternoon slump with wine price at $3, $4 American Microbrews, and $3 American Domestics.

Three Lions Pub is the home away from home for all sports fans, particularly Denver’s most passionate football fans.  An always friendly atmosphere paired with a large panel of running taps and well-priced wines and wells, makes the Three Lions Pub a go to for an authentic London pub experience, just steps off of Denver’s historic Colfax Ave.

The Three Lions Pub is located at 2239 E. Colfax Ave. Denver CO 80206; Tel: 303-997-6886.  Open Mon-Fri 11am to 2am; Sat – Sun 9am to 2am (opens earlier for European football).


Carlo Cignozzi

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An interview with owner of il Paradiso di Frassina, Carlo Cignozzi.  Carlo has certainly led an interesting life and the interview takes place at his vineyard just south of Montalcino.  His winery is known as the Mozart Winery because he plays Mozart to his vines 365 days a year.  What are the affects on the wines where he produces Brunello’s and two others blends.

Tom Ryan

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Tom Ryan

Tom Ryan

A repeat guest in Tom Ryan but this time he is talking about his new restaurant venture, Live Basil Pizza.  A pizza establishment that focuses on organic, authentic, local or imported.  Take a listen and learn a little more about his background and how he comes up with the concepts of his restaurants.  From a Ph.d to the Chief Innovation Officer at McDonald’s to Chief Concept Officer at Consumer CP Tom Ryan follows a love of food and exploring what consumers want.

Where to Eat This Weekend: Denver – Satchel’s on 6th

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Offering Comfort & Pleasure at Every Level

When the owner of a restaurant chooses to name his restaurant after his youngest son you can bet that the owner holds great value in his business, pouring his heart and soul into his restaurant in the same way one puts their heart and soul into the relationship with their child. A further look into the restaurant named Satchel’s on 6th reveals a degree of pride and ownership that speaks volumes of the way in which this restaurant is nurtured by all who are a part of it.

The workers, owners, and the chefs do this because it’s their pleasure, not just because it is their job. With the same degree of pride as the owner, the executive chef Dai Wren artfully concocts a slew of New American dishes that go beyond American flavors, adding in little touches of irresistible Mediterranean flair here and there. At Satchel’s champagne isn’t paired with cheese or a baguette, but instead, is boldly paired with one of the great treasures of America’s southern cuisine, fried chicken.

Champagne & fried chicken might seem like an odd combination, with one rooted in France and the other in America’s deep south. However, Satchel’s pairs them with such panache, adding in nuances of flavor in their sauces and sides that seem to somehow bring the dish together in a way that might begin to make one believe that the pairing was meant to be, after all. Indeed, some house fried chicken and sparkling champagne will be paired together at this June’s community dinner on June 9th, open to anyone and everyone who is in for a night of amiable chatter amidst fresh, seasonal, carefully prepared comfort food.

From their food to their atmosphere, Satchel’s on 6th seeks to offer comfort and pleasure at every level. Offering upscale renditions of the American classics, made according to the season, Satchel’s defines a new style of American cuisine that is more unexpected and yet possibly even more delicious. It is the kind of food that executive chef Dai Wren claims to eat every day, a statement that arouses a slew of comments as to what life must be like eating like chef Dai Wren.

Satchel’s on 6th is located at 1710 E. 6th Ave. Denver CO 80218; Tel: 303-399-2560. Reservations recommended, especially on weekends.

Where to Drink This Week: Denver – The Village Cork

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Denver’s Coziest Drinking Spot

courtesy of

courtesy of

Just blocks off of highway I-25, located within the historic S. Pearl St. neighborhood, one can feel at home nestled up to the wine bar of Denver’s “The Village Cork,” especially with a glass of fine wine at hand. Tucked away on a corner, “The Village Cork” offers a friendly, relaxed, convivial atmosphere where both regulars and ‘out of town-ers’ can mingle over affordable, high quality wine set aside the fresh and seasonal menu items of the day.

Similar to their ever changing dinner menu, the wine list at “The Village Cork” is always featuring new wines, offering even the most devoted regulars a novel taste. From ports to bubbles, and from reds to whites, their wine menu spans the world in flavor and location, even including a taste of Denver’s own Infinite Monkey Theorem for those who are seeking a truly ‘local’ taste from plate and fork to glass.

For those who favor some hops over the great grape vine, “The Village Cork” also serves up a select lineup of beers of various styles, many of which carry the ‘local’ label as well. Whether you are in need of a warm and filling meal, a soothing glass of fine wine, or a refreshing and tasty beer, “The Village Cork” offers a relaxing evening filled with pleasure. No matter what you nibble or sip upon, you will be guaranteed a lovely evening of warm conversation bred in one of the coziest drinking spots in Denver.

The Village Cork is located at 1300 South Pearl St. Denver CO 80210; Tel: 303-282-8399.

Where to Eat This Weekend: Denver – Toques and ‘Tails

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  Toques and 'Tails

Culinary Celebrities, Gurus, and Groupies Gather

to Taste Test Denver’s Best


Culinary celebrities, gurus, and groupies are heading to Denver this May for a chef and bartender competition like none other. The event, titled “Toques and ‘Tails,” will feature some of the best restaurants in Denver, each competing in a day of heated cooking and creative mixing. The top restaurants include Old Major, Corner House, TAG, The Corner Office, Central Bistro & Bar, Trillium, Le Grand Bistro & Oyster Bar, and Colt & Gray.

Ample servings of cocktails and food from each of the restaurants will accompany the competition, allowing each person to taste test the participating restaurants’ drink and cocktails for judging purposes, as well as personal pleasure, of course!  In addition to getting the opportunity to taste test the dishes and drinks of Denver’s top chefs and bartenders, attendees will get the chance to mingle with culinary celebrities and gurus from Colorado and around the country who will be coming to Denver for the week in order to serve as ambassadors and judges for this inaugural event. Groupies (a.k.a. guests) will get the opportunity to eat and drink with these celebrities and gurus, catching a sneak peak of the behind the scenes culinary world in spots all across the nation.

As the first culinary competition of this kind in Denver, Denver foodies, and future groupies, won’t want to miss this event. To become a groupie, you may purchase tickets to Toques and ‘Tails here. Ticket prices are $45, and in addition to supporting the local culinary talent, a portion of the ticket sales will go to the Share Our Strength Colorado charity.

Some of the Culinary Celebrities and Gurus include:



                                             Amanda Faison, Food Editor, 5280 Magazine

Gerard Collier, Corner House

                                                                                                 Alex Seidel, Fruition, Denver

marissa_hs-240x300Marissa Guggiana, Butcher’s Guild          Alex-Seidel-2010



Jamie Bissonnette, Chef/Owner, Toro/Coppa, Boston

Participating Restaurants Include:

trilliumCorner_OfficeCentral Bistro and Bar logoLe Grand BistroCorner HouseOld MajorTAG

Colt & Gray

Toques and ‘Tails will take place at Cassleman’s Bar & Venue at 2260 Walnut Street in Denver CO, May 23, 2013 from 6 − 9 pm.  VIP access beginning at 6pm.

Where to Drink This Week: Denver – Trillium

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Drinking with a Scandinavian Twist

Brings Ultimate Bliss

Just steps away from the Colorado Rockies’ ballpark, the Scandinavian themed cuisine and drink of Trillium awaits hungry baseball fans.  After a long, hot day in the field, a drink such as “The Boys of Summer” will help to cool you back down.   This drink, described by Trillium as a ‘walk in the ballpark with Irish Whiskey, Mint, Blackberry Liquor, Orange, Lime, and Bitters’ will satisfy your appetite for the refreshing summer cocktail you could not find anywhere else.

After spending some time walking in the ballpark with your “Boys of Summer” cocktail, you might be cooled down enough to move on to Trillium’s “Ballpark Ballet” cocktail made with rum, canton ginger liquor, Italian Prosecco, and a touch of French Kir egg foam.  For a taste of traditional Scandinavian drinking, try Trillium’s fennel akvavit in the Mark Twain approved “Fenn & Tonic.”  The Akvavit offers a bold flavor of this traditional Scandinavian spirit that originated somewhere around the 15th century.

Trillium’s playful attitude towards cocktails that includes mixing and matching unexpected flavors spills over onto their wine menu, where they feature their wines by their “style,” as described according to Trillium’s perspective of course.  Amusing titles such as “bubbles, apples, and biscuits” or “ripe cherries, earth, and mushrooms” might not directly translate to most novice wine drinkers, or the occasional wine-o, but it does sufficiently entice the imagination, making your order of wine appear more fantastical in nature.  Of course, if your mind is unable to wrap itself around such oddly coupled words, the nearest server would be more than happy to give your imagination a boost as they describe the wines in terms you may be better equipped to understand.

When you spend an evening at Trillium, you are ensured of a wide range of flavors that will tantalize taste buds you did not even know existed.  Instead of resisting such stimulation, the best thing to do is to jump head first, trying your hand at everything and anything your waiter or the sommelier suggest.  By the end, you will have felt like you took a taste adventure, drinking your way all the way through to eased state of bliss.

Whether you are thirsting for a wine or a cocktail, you will have a fun and memorable experience experimenting with Trillium’s playful drink menus.  By incorporating Scandinavian liquors into the mix, Trillium offers bold Scandinavian flavors that you won’t taste anywhere else.

For a taste of Trillium’s bliss, consider attending Toques & ‘Tails Chef & Bartender competition of the year, where Trillium will be competing with other top restaurants located along the front range.  For more info and to purchase tickets visit the website:

Where to Eat This Weekend: Denver – Udi’s Cafe

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Find the Udi’s for You: Fast or Leisurely

Now that spring weather is finally here in Denver, the time for dining ‘al fresco’ is upon us.  The time is ripe for wrapping your hands around one of the best pizza crusts in Denver as you sink your teeth into a slightly salty, slightly chewy crust made from head baker Maurizio’s Italian starter recipe.  Topped with kale, garlic, tomatoes, mushroom, truffle oil, and breadcrumbs, this crust serves as the perfect base for the award of the best specialty pizza of 2013.

Udi's Pizza

Served in the airy back patio of Udi’s Cafe, tucked up alongside the Tattered Cover Bookstore, Udi’s pizza can serve as the ideal lunch on a lazy, bright and sunny Colorado spring day.  After sipping upon a pink lavender lemonade with basil that was muddled in sweet agave nectar, and nibbling upon an artichoke, basil, mozzarella, pecorino, and arugula pizza, you might just want to saunter on over to the theatre next door to continue on with your time of leisure.

For a quicker bite downtown morning, noon, or night, Udi’s has added on a bread cafe to their restaurant family.  Located in the heart of downtown, Udi’s Bread Cafe offers a fresh alternative to the mass-produced fast food offered all over the downtown area.  The cafe offers breakfast all day served aside steaming cups of coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, and espresso, providing you with the proper fuel to keep on going with your workday.  For lunch, try their power salad with coconut charred kale, arugula, hazelnut, cranberry quinoa, green apples, shaved carrots, celery root, all mixed in with a lemon vinaigrette.

Whether you are in need of a leisurely cafe outdoor dining experience or want a quick and nutritious meal or snack on the go, Udi’s has a cafe that will suit your needs and satisfy your appetite.

Where to Drink This Week: Denver – Denver Beer Company

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“Locally Raised” Denver Beer

With all of the breweries currently thriving in the Mile High City, few have planted their roots more deeply in Denver and all it stands for than the Denver Beer Company. Using the finest locally sourced ingredients, Denver Beer Company uses Colorado grown hops and Denver’s own water sourced from the Rocky Mountains yonder. The philosophy of work hard, play even harder fits the Denver lifestyle to a tee. Indeed, every afternoon or evening you will find a crowd of Denver-ites and visiting friends gathered at the Denver Beer Company, enjoying their play time with a “locally-raised” Denver beer at hand.

These “locally raised” beers come in many different forms, each embracing the changing of the seasons as well as the changes in inspiration of the two brewmasters behind the magic, Patrick and Charlie.

Denver Beer Co. Brewmasters

Patrick and Charlie are both your typical Colorado adventurous types, experimenting with whatever flavors, fruits, spices, or herbs they may get their hands on in order to create a novel brew that will surprise and entice the taste buds of even their most devoted fans. In this way, beers on tap may change weekly.

Located just up from the Platte River running wild through the Denver metro area, guests to Denver Beer Co. enjoy what USA Today defined as the “modern example of an Americanized beer garden.” In this Americanized beer garden setting, Denver Beer Company will be hosting a “Spring Beer Dinner” May 17th in collaboration with Mikes2Kitchen, a gourmet mobile kitchen based in Denver. Brews such as the Raspberry Kolsch will complement the feast featuring fried herb goat cheese croquette, puree of spring peas and mint, herb crusted seared salmon, and chiffon cake with macerated berries appropriately paired with barley wine.

Denver Beer Company also offers beer tours available to take at 4:00 p.m. every day. Get a sneak peek of the behind the scenes with this video: Find beers brewed by Denver Beer Company around town at the following locations:

Denver Beer Company is located at 1695 Platte St. Denver CO 80202; Tel: 303-433-2739.