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Where to Drink This Week: Denver – Prost Brewing

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German Traditions are kept ALIVE at Prost Brewing

Tonight at 6:30 the local German brewery, Prost Brewing, will be hosting a pop-up brewery dinner named “Walpurgis” after the ancient German holiday dedicated to chasing away those unwelcome winter spirits.  The dinner will include the release of the highly anticipated Maibock (pronounced “My-Bock”) bier, traditionally a strong, Bavarian golden lager typically drunk during the transition from fierce winter storms to warm summer afternoons.

This is one event among many that Prost Brewing hosts that rings to an authentically German tune.  In fact, Prost Brewing might very well offer the most authentic taste of Germany’s treasured “Bier” this side of the Atlantic.  Using an antique brewhouse straight from Germany that ensures the proper brewing of classic German bier, Prost dedicates themselves to following traditional German techniques in the brewing of all of their bier, no matter how painstaking that may be.

Prost even goes so far as to source ingredients from Germany itself.  Prost uses noble German varieties of hops that have been prized for centuries for their unique spicy hop flavor contribution to the most noblest of beers such as the Prost Pils.


Noble German Hops

Prost Brewing obtains its yeast from a millennium old German monastery just outside of Munich that has produced beer acclaimed to be some of the best beer in the world for centuries.  Adding a touch of monk magic to its beer, Prost Brewing produces German beer from a yeast strain tried and tested by monks themselves.


Andech’s Monastery, Germany

At Prost, German traditions are kept alive, partly with the help of a little German yeast from generous, German beer-brewing monks, noble German hops, a German antique brewhouse, and brewers dedicated to following the ancient German techniques.

Check out the menu for Prost’s Walpurgis dinner and purchase tickets at:

Check out what’s brewing on Prost Brewing’s homepage, including their authentic German beer line-up at:

Prost Brewing is located in the Highlands neighborhood at 2540 19th St. Denver CO 80211; Tel: 303-729-1175.

Where to Eat: Denver – Jezebel’s: Southern Bistro & Bar

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Let Jezebel’s Feed Your Soul

Dipping my hands into a basket of fried pickles set aside a generous cup of homemade spicy ranch, my hands begin to get greased up with that good tastin’ southern flavor that causes me to have to retain myself from licking my hands clean.  As I reach for a mini cornbread plated to my right, this flavored southern’ grease makes its way onto my cornbread.  “Lucky dog” says the man seated at the bar to my right who has been eyeing my small plated feast for the last ten minutes.

Little does he know, I am just getting started.  I am in for a good ole fashioned southern meal, of southern proportions of course.  Next up, the “Brunswick Stew,” made with smoked BBQ Pork, okra, corn, and lima beans, thankfully served with another slice of that decadent Jezebel cornbread.  A few heaping spoonfuls and I am onto the good ole southern barbecue of smoked beef brisket that melts in my mouth, adding a touch of that much needed BBQ tang to my feast.

Wanton for dessert, I order nothing less than Jezebel’s luxurious Red Velvet Cheesecake.  A generous forkful and I think for a moment that I have died and gone to southern heaven.  As I delicately slide my fork in for another piece of heaven, I come to understand why Jezebel’s has the slogan “We feed your soul!” printed onto each menu.  At Jezebel’s, you will taste the best of that Southern flavor that fuels the soul, right in the Mile High City.

Jezebel’s is located in the LoHi neighborhood of Denver at 3301 Tejon St. Denver CO 80211, Tel: 303-433-3060.


Where to Drink This Week: Denver – Lala’s Wine Bar & Pizzeria

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Wine, Dine, & Enjoy “La Dolce Vita

at Lala’s Wine Bar & Pizzeria

The sweetness of Italian life, referred to as “la dolce vita,” has been captured and bottled up into the wine selection at Lala’s Wine Bar.  Sixty wines by the glass make the list at Lala’s, offering the winer and diner enough options to entice them into coming back time and time again.  Furthermore, Lala’s offers $5 glasses of wine during happy hour for any wine normally priced under $10, and half-price wine for any wines normally over $10.  With happy hour seven days a week, from 3-7pm and 10pm-close, guests at Lala’s have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the sweet life with a very affordably priced, high quality glass of wine.

Lala's Wine Bar


Inspired by an Italian trattoria, Lala’s retains a jovial atmosphere where laughter and friendly banter can always be heard.  Lala’s even has a year round patio where Lala’s winers can enjoy a glass of wine as they look out towards Governor’s Park, mimicking the outdoor cafe dining of Italy.

Drawing of Lala's Wine Bar


While Lala’s received its inspiration along with much of its style from Italy, Lala’s strives to make as many of their items in house as possible, including their house-made limoncello, the famous lemon liquor of Italy, an ideal ending for a meal at Lala’s.  Lala’s also chooses to include many wineries, breweries, and distilleries right from Colorado, keeping things as local as possible while still retaining that Italian style.

Italian style and food are paired together at Lala’s Wine Bar & Pizzeria, offering the winer and diner a very appetizing taste of Italy’s best.  Intertwining Italy’s best with the best of Colorado’s wineries, breweries, and distilleries, Lala’s offers one of the most alluring experiences of “la dolce vita” in Denver.  With wine in hand, sitting in Lala’s outdoor patio, enjoying the sweetness of doing nothing (“la dolce far niete”), one might begin to appreciate more deeply the Italian way of wining and dining.

Watch Julia Roberts uncover the meaning of “la dolce far niete” in this video clip:

Lala’s Wine Bar & Pizzeria is located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Denver at 410 E. 7th Ave. Denver CO 80203; Tel: 303-861-WINE.

Biker Jim Pittenger

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Jim Pittenger Biker Jim Gourmet Dogs

Jim Pittenger
Biker Jim Gourmet Dogs

The always irreverent Jim Pittenger of Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs joins host Becky Creighton this week.  Listen in to how he got into the hot dog business, what he did before and how he comes up with his flavor combinations.  Jon Emanuel of Project Angel Heart also joins in and talks about Dining Out for Life happening April 25, 2013.

John Jordan

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John Jordan CEO Jordan Wines

John Jordan
CEO Jordan Wines

With deep roots in Denver, the Jordan family decided to move out to Sonoma County in the 80’s to start a winery that paid homage to the French.  Son, John Jordan, now runs Jordan Winery, keeping in close conversation with his winemakers and changing wine trends to make sure Jordan not only keeps true to their beginnings.  Listen in and enjoy the conversation with one of Sonoma’s best loved wines.

Where to Eat This Weekend: Denver – Rosa Linda’s Mexican Cafe

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Awards That Extend from the Community into the Kitchen

Known by those willing to venture about Denver in search of what has been deemed Denver’s best chile relleno, Rosa Linda’s has been a Denver favorite since 1985.  Tucked away on the corner of 33rd & Tejon in the historic Highlands neighborhood of Denver, the atmosphere at this family owned and operated mexican food haven is always warm and inviting, ever aglow with mexican food lovers.

Rosa Linda’s menu is unique, varying drastically from the normal mexican food joint, offering numerous vegetarian options in addition to some of Mexico’s most traditional dishes that can be difficult to find north of the border.  Traditional dishes such as chicken mole studded with rich cocoa, nopalito tacos stuffed with slice cactus petals, and chilaquiles garnished with shredded queso fresco and sliced, ripe avocado will have you redefining your previous notions of authentic Mexican cuisine.

Over the years, Rosa Linda’s has won awards for just about everything on the menu from their burrito to their enchilada.  Wall St. Journal even proclaimed their nachos to be the Top 15 Nachos in the nation.

When you walk through the doors of Rosa Linda’s you are treated as a part of the family from start to finish.  Indeed, Rosa Linda’s even opens their doors to those in need of a warm, holiday meal every Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, serving thousands in the Denver community.

As you begin to uncover the underlying values and integrity intrinsic to the Aguirre family, it is no wonder that Rosa Linda’s has succeeded in 27 years of business, despite an unassuming location.  In twenty some years of business, Rosa Linda’s has accrued awards extending from the community into the kitchen, making Denver especially proud of its Rosa Linda’s.

Rosa Linda’s is located at 2005 W. 33rd Ave. Denver CO 80211; Tel: 303-455-0608.

Where to Drink This Week: Denver – Blake St. Vault

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LoDo’s Historic Saloon Opens a Trap Door to Denver’s Golden Past

Blake Street Vault

Depicted on the earliest map of Denver, the building that now houses Blake Street Vault is practically as old as Denver itself.  The building actually dates back to 1863, just five years after gold was discovered in Cherry Creek.  It originally served as a boarding house and saloon in the center of the first business district in Denver.  Today, it houses a hip and slightly swanky classic saloon located in the neighborhood known as “LoDo.”

Blake Street Vault was named after the historic vault that was discovered in its basement.  The rather ornate vault, that is now available to be viewed by the general public, had been previously hidden under a trap door for over a century.  Blake Street Vault has put the vault to good use, storing privately owned bottles of Jack Daniels Single Barrel inside.

Blake Street Vault also prides itself on having LoDo’s longest happy hour spanning from 11 am ’til 7 pm on Wednesday through Saturday.  Just $4 will buy you the well of your choice, Sweet Tea Vodka, or Long Islands.  $5 wine served beside the $5 Burger Lunch special makes for an affordable and tasty combination.  You might just have extra money left over for their $3 house-cut fries with ranch.

Bloody Mary’s, Red Beers, Fireball, PBR, and straight up Jack or Whiskey can all be found at the Blake Street Vault, along with their signature drink, the Moscow Mule, considered one of Denver’s best.  Served in a chilled copper mug, the Moscow Mule is a medley of double-strength Russian vodka, sweet ginger beer, and a squirt of fresh lime juice that together offers a sweet and sour punch.

Moscow Mule

Denver’s Best Moscow Mule

No matter your drink of choice, the Blake Street Vault proves that not all things lose their luster with age. An aged backdrop offers diners with a saloon experience from the old wild west, complete with an ornate vault that exposes part of Denver’s golden past.

Where to Eat This Weekend: Denver – Cafe/Bar

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Hungry for Spring

Even though it is still snowing out in what is normally sunny Colorado, the spring menus at many of Denver’s local restaurants are in full swing.  Spring vegetables speckle the menus, offering Denver diners a refreshing taste of spring’s bounty that is certain to renew the body and tantalize the taste buds.

Hungry for the best spring has to offer, Denver diners can feast upon the “Spring Salad” at the local Denver restaurant known as Cafe/Bar.  Composed of grilled asparagus, zucchini, pickled grapes, lentil, arugula, the “Spring Salad” is dressed up with a generous drizzle of house-made green harissa yogurt sauce that adds that unexpected zing integral to any good salad.

It is through innovative ingredients such as the house-made green harissa yogurt dressing that Cafe/Bar has successfully pieced together a creative cuisine that still retains an element of classic appeal.  Dishes such as the Colorado striped bass that are inspired by Classic American cuisine are made into a modern dish through unexpected pairings including a banana zucchini fritter and a side sauce best defined as a corn-coconut emulsion.

Dish by dish, Cafe/Bar has formed its own unique modern spin on some of America’s finest dishes.  With its plentitude of affordably priced dishes, Cafe/Bar is a place you can visit time and time again.  Indeed, many “Denver-ites” do, making Cafe/Bar into a local, neighborhood hangout that offers a taste of unexpected flavor combinations you would not expect to find at a place that calls itself by the simple, yet elegant name of “Cafe/Bar.”  Open for weekend brunch, midday meal, and evening supper, hurry down to Cafe/Bar to experience Denver’s own novel reinvention of the classic American cafe, with its very own delicious modern spin.

Cafe Bar is located at 295 S. Pennsylvania St. Denver CO 80209; Tel: 303-362-0227.

Troy Guard & Tyler Lewis

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Troy Guard

Troy Guard

Troy Guard of  TAG, TAG Raw and TAG Burger Bar and lead bartender Tyler Lewis join host Becky Creighton.  Listen in as they talk about food and cocktail flavors, and how they continue to innovate to keep the culinary experience creative and fun for their guests.  Troy talks about his background, his mentors and how he wound up here from Singapore.

Where to Drink This Week: Denver – Lincoln’s Roadhouse

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Denver’s Best Blues Bar

with Authentic Southern Roots


Lincoln's Roadhouse

In an unassuming building on an unassuming corner is the best blues bar in Denver. Almost every night, live music fills the cozy tavern that resembles a musical center from way down south on the Bayou. As you sit back and listen to that Southern blues sound, you can sip upon a Southern Mint Julep, the cocktail of choice in much of the Southern U.S., or be taken to a southern fantasy land with a Southern Comfort liquor of your choice.

Through the tavern’s wooden, hobbit-like door, you will enter into the vision come to life of Lincoln Roadhouse’s owner Jim Bob, a rather Southern looking fellow who will greet you with a smile and a pat on the back, welcoming you to his bar. Filled with a crowd any and every time of the day, Lincoln’s Roadhouse is spaced in order to provide you with the opportunity to be in as intimate or communal of a setting as you so desire.

Happy hour not only features specially priced drinks, including such Colorado classic brews as Fat Tire, but also features half-priced appetizers. Sticking to its southern roots, you can pluck your way through fried pickles, fried mushrooms, or cajun popcorn (a.k.a. deep-fried crawfish tails) in between sips of Lincoln’s house red wine.

If some southern hospitality, comfort food, and refreshing beverages sounds enticing, head on down to Lincoln’s Roadhouse located near Washington Park this evening, April 9th, in order to hear the “Eric Boa Blues Jam.” Then, spread the word that you found the best blues bar in Denver tucked away on a corner off of old historic South Pearl St.

Lincoln’s Roadhouse is located at 1201 S. Pearl St. Denver CO 80210, Tel: 303-777-3700.