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Where To Drink This Week: Aspen – Gisella

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Sip Upon “La Dolce Vita”

Italian Wine bottlesEveryone could benefit from a little taste of “la dolce vita” (a.k.a. the sweet life) from time to time. Gisella’s in Aspen offers a tasting of the sweet life through their wine list that holds the longest list of Italian reds, whites, and sparkling wines you will find anywhere on the western slope.

First, start your evening off as the Italians do, with a lively, sparkling Prosecco that will reawaken your senses that are still under a work haze. Next, travel up to Tuscany, the land of such prized favorites as Chianti Classico and the Super Tuscan. With wine in hand, imagine the terroir of these wines, with its rolling hills and medieval hill-top towns. Finish it all with a wine from Sicily, the land of the Godfather. You will taste this land’s bold, colored past with a taste of the rich and juicy Nero d’Avolo that speaks of the rich, black, fertile soil of this land of Roman gods and goddesses.

As you travel along on Gisella’s Italian wine journey, be sure to get a taste of their authentic Italian cuisine. With menu items all in Italian, you will surely feel a thrill in speaking some Italian as you order. The bar menu is full of “cozze e vongole” and “crespelle di polenta” that will further entice you into staying just a little longer in order to truly enjoy the sweetness of doing nothing, just as Italians do.

Gisella is located  at 415 East Main Street Aspen, Colorado, Tel: 970-925-8222. Hours are nightly at 5:30 pm.

Culinary Connectors LIVE! Justin Bresler from Visit Denver and the Upcoming Restaurant Week

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Justin Bresler from Visit Denver joins Culinary Connectors LIVE! host Becky Creighton to discuss the upcoming Restaurant Week. Denver’s Restaurant Week, February 23-March 8, is the largest one in the United States and is in its 9th year. Restuarant week is a celebration of Denver’s culinary scene and happens all over the city! Justin and Becky give away gift certificates to participating restaurants!

Where To Eat This Weekend: Denver – Wazee Supper Club

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“I’m having a relationship with my pizza!”

Most of us have heard these words spoken by Julia Roberts in the movie “Eat, Pray, Love,” but have you ever felt these words arrive at your lips.  Have you ever felt like you were actually in love with your pizza?  If the answer is no, then I suggest you call up a friend, husband, or if you are really desperate, just grab any stranger off the street to join you on a pizza eating date at the Wazee Supper Club in Denver’s historic Lower Downtown.

Voted the best pizza in Denver by 5280, Westword, and Zagat, Wazee touts their pizza to be “legendary.”  Order their Margherita, Bianca, Vegetarian, Meat, or the cream of the crop Supreme pizza.  Of course, you can always dream up your own lover-I mean pizza, just the way you like him-or it.

All of the pizza dough is made fresh daily so that the crust comes out oh so perfect every time. The toppings are of the highest quality, coming from local farmers and producers whenever possible.  You can order your pizza in small, large, or even gluten free, for those who don’t get along with wheat.

The only catch is that as Julia Roberts states, “It is your moral imperative to eat and finish that pizza!”  It is part of the commitment in this relationship with your pizza!

1600 15th Ave & Wazee Denver CO, Tel: 303-623-9518

Where To Drink This Week: Denver – Star Bar

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A Dive Bar with Old, High-Quality Standards

Craft Beer Selection

One of the oldest waterholes in Denver, dating back to the 1950s, Star Bar is now considered by both 5280 Magazine and the Denver magazine to be the best dive bar in town.  The bar was completely renovated in April 2010, polishing up its raggedy, aged ends while retaining its classic old world charm.

Star Bar prides itself on being a friendly, neighborhood bar where you can enjoy cocktails that are made according to the old, high-quality standards.  Proud of its Colorado roots, Star Bar features over 30 spirits from local and regional distilleries.  In fact, they may offer more local spirits than any other bar or restaurant in Denver, including a full line from Leopold Brothers, Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey, and a line of products from Dancing Pines Distillery, among others.

For a novel tasting experience, sink your lips onto the glass of a house made Beer Cocktail made on the spot with the featured local craft beer of the moment.  For some entertainment, order a Smoked Cocktail made with a blow torch.  Such a cocktail will surely turn up the heat and keep you warm this winter season.

Star Bar is located at 2137 Larimer Street Denver CO 80205, Tel: 720-328-2420.

Culinary Connectors LIVE! Scott Parker, Aaron Forman of Table 6 and Ian Kleinman from The Inventing Room

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Scott Parker and Aaron Forman of Table 6 and Ian Kleinman of The Inventing Room join Culinary Connectors LIVE! host Becky Creighton to discusses pork and donuts! Ian’s food philosophy is that food should be fun and creative and in this mindset he has created some truly unique donuts that are offered at donut “pop ups” with partnering Denver Restaurants. Ian and Scott attended culinary school together and discuss partnering up and winning a culinary competition. Finally Scott and Aaron discusses what makes Table 6 unique and some of the exciting changes happening in the restaurant!  Becky also discussed the upcoming Art of Winter event, January 25-February 10th and gives away tickets to one lucky caller!

Where To Eat This Weekend: Denver – Beatrice & Woodsley

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Bringing An Old Love Story to Life for the Diner’s Delight
A story of love at first sight inspired restaurateur and designer Kevin Delk to create a dining venue that would bring this old story of love to life for the enjoyment of all who would one day dine amidst its whimsical interior.  The dining room is tucked away within an Aspen grove, with hanging lanterns scattered about that set the mood for a romantic, cozy evening.
Once you get settled in this fairytale land, feeling like you have been whisked away on a romanticized journey, you will be confronted with a menu as whimsical as the setting.  Start out with “Tip Toe Through the Tulips,” a fine cocktail made of Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka, Lavender, and Lime.  Then once your lips and mouth have been moistened to a point of satisfaction, sink your teeth into some crawfish beignets made with fresh corn batter and spicy red pepper aioli.
Next, for your main course cut into a juicy, tender Colorado-raised Bison Steak, rubbed with coffee and served with an espresso-herb gastrique.  Take a trip to their bathroom to see their sink that drips the water down from the ceiling, before spooning up some Caramel-Coffee Crème Brulee.  At last, request one more cocktail or espresso as you sit back and listen to the soft murmur of voices and laughs among the glimmering aspen trees.
Beatrice & Woodsley is located at 38 South Broadway Denver CO 80209, Tel: 303-777-3505.  Reservations are recommended.

Where To Eat This Weekend: Aspen – At Home in bb’s Kitchen

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The Kitchen at BB’s is put to full use since almost everything at BB’s is house made.  Oh so cinnamon-y Monkey Bread (a Mario Batali favorite), frosted cinnamon rolls served with sweet cream butter, and english muffins are swept in and out of BB’s stone oven each day.

Handcrafted dishes such as their “Toad in the Hole French Toast” transforms the classic French Toast into a sweet and savory interplay by combining challah bread, fried eggs, bacon, and that all-American treasure, Vermont Maple Syrup.  Their Belgian Waffle comes with much more than butter and syrup, adding in a macadamia nut crunch and a generous drizzle of salted caramel.

If that is not indulgent enough, slide that spoon into a scoop of their house made caramel, chocolate, or cinnamon ice cream.  For a savory indulgence, scoop up some french onion soup topped with their toasted bread and gruyere cheese.  Add additional comfort with a side of their Mac n’cheese that is house made, of course.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert, BB’s Kitchen will make you feel at home with their house made ingredients that span through every meal.

525 East Cooper Avenue, Aspen, CO 81611  (970) 429-8284


Where To Drink This Week: Denver – Punch Bowl Social

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PBS: Where An Adult Can Be A Kid Again

Punch Bowl Social

Unleash your inner child at the Punch Bowl Social (PBS), located on Broadway Avenue in Denver.  The 24,000 sq. ft. high-volume bar, gastro-diner, and coffee house provides endless entertainment in the form of 8 bowling lanes, ping pong, marble tables, darts, pinball, foosball, pool, board games, and even throwback 1980’s video games to take you directly back to the 80’s.  As they say at PBS, if you can do it over beer, they have it.

If beer is not your thing, they offer creative cocktails such as the Lavender Sour made with Brokers gin, lavender simple syrup, and lemon juice, all served up in a coupe with a lemon twist. And let’s not forget the long list of different these aren’t for your kids punches they serve. If you get the munchies, just ask for some of their popcorn sprinkled with sea salt and touch of vinegar, or their adult version of the PB&J served on a slice of quinoa bread.  For a caffeine jolt, reach for one of their locally produced Teatulia Teas or a S’mores Latte that will take you back to nights by the campfire as a youngin’.

For the grand finale, get a serving of one of the punches, the signature drink at Punch Bowl Social.  Since this is a social thing, endeavor to order a punch bowl for eight that you can share as you and your friends scatter about the playroom.  After all, it is healthy to let out that inner child every now and again.

Punch Bowl Social is located at 65 Broadway Denver CO, telephone 303-765-BOWL (2695).

Culinary Connectors LIVE! Ryan Leinonen and Parker Ramey from Trillium

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Listen in as Culinary Connectors LIVE! host Becky Creighton interviews Ryan Leinonen and Parker Ramey from Trillium, located on Larimer Street. Ryan discusses how his Scandinavian heritage inspired Trillium, an urban bistro rooted in American and Scandinavian cuisine. Trillium strives to bring traditional Scandinavian atmosphere to Denver, providing a lounge area and traditional Scandinavian fair. Parker discusses the spirits and beers served at Trillium, and how the tie in with the Scandinavian concept.

Ryan Leinonen

Where To Eat This Weekend: Denver – SAME Cafe

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Support SAME Cafe – So All May Eat

Organic Greens Salad

SAME Cafe located on East Colfax Ave is no ordinary cafe.  The cafe has an altruistic mission that has been integrated right into their name SAME, an acronym that stands for “SAll May Eat.”  Rooted in real philanthropySAME Cafe is the first nonprofit restaurant in Denver. SAME Cafe was opened by Brad and Libby Birky in 2006 in  a small store front on the not yet gentrified East Colfax.  Like it’s neighbors, SAME Cafe saw their business grow, just like the neighborhood around them that saw Tattered Cover, the Denver Film Society and Pinche Tacos grace the streets of the East Colfax neighborhood. The first year SAME Cafe opened they fed close to 7,000 people, all paid for on either financial donations or by the patrons working in the restaurant.  In 2011, they fed close to 20,000.  Brad and Libby have also helped other “pay what you can” restaurants around the country.

The cafe seeds local, organic meals made with health in mind.  Not wanting to exclude anyone from eating such wholesome, nutritious food, SAME allows people to pay as much as they can afford.  Furthermore, anyone may volunteer in the kitchen a little every week and get meals in return.
By supporting SAME Cafe, the Denver community may use their own hard-earned dollars to help feed others with healthy food.  This New Year, help ensure that all may eat, by buying one local, organic meal at a time from SAME Cafe.
SAME Cafe is located at 2023 East Colfax Ave Denver, CO  80236.  Tel:  720-530-6853.