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Culinary Connectors LIVE! Lance Barto and Seth Murty from Central Bistro & Bar

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Listen in as Culinary Connectors LIVE! host Becky Creighton interviews chef Lance Barto and Seth Murty from Central Bistro & Bar, located in the Highlands neighborhood. Central’s menu is rotated out ever 2-3 weeks, to provide a new flavor experience for their guest. Lance began is career in industrial design, but the “love of the food” inspired him to become a chef 6 years ago. Lance created Central Bistro & Bar to provide a slice of Americana, and create fine food without pretense. Seth discusses how he pairs wines with the dishes Lance creates and Central’s happy hour!

Where To Drink This Week: Denver – Lincoln Roadhouse

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Take a Trip Down South, to S. Pearl St. in Denver

If you live in Denver, you don’t have to drive far in order to feast on some spicy Southern cajun food and listen to live blues.  Tucked away on the corner of S. Pearl St. and Buchtel Blvd. is an unassuming tavern known as Lincoln’s Roadhouse.

Started by Jimbob, a gregarious, smiling man who brought his southern roots to Colorado, replanting them on S. Pearl St., Lincoln’s Roadhouse is a spot where people can enjoy some of that southern blues and spice.

Voted Best Blues Club in 2011, this road house is a mecca for blues players and listeners from all ends of the U.S.  Live music can be heard Fridays and Saturdays at 9:30 pm, Sunday at 3:30pm, Boa Blues Jam on Tuesday, and an open mic on Wednesdays.

This New Year’s Eve join the crowd at Lincoln’s for a night of music by the Delta Sonics.  $10 covers party favors and a midnight champagne toast.  For a southern experience this weekend, enjoy music by the Katfish Kray Blues Band this evening, the 28th of December.  Pair the music with a bowl of Jambalaya, fried pickles and mushrooms, or a New Orleans style Po-Boy, and you will be singing the blues with an accent from down south.

Catch Jimbob at 1201 S. Pearl St.  Denver, CO 80210 – 303-777-3700

Where To Eat This Weekend: Aspen – 520 Grill

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Veg Out or Pig Out at 520 Grill

Salmon and Kale Salad

There are not many roadside diners where someone who may be considered to be a bit of a “Veg Head,” favoring all things green, can coexist happily with their fellow eater who would rather “Pig Out.”  For this reason and others, 520 Grill is a bit of an exception within the typical roadside diner world.

Locally owned at operated by two friends, Wheaton Augur & Troy Selby, with a genuine love for food, they set out to recreate the typical American roadside diner.  They kept the reasonable prices, large menu, and casual, friendly atmosphere, and focused upon producing the highest quality diner food you will find anywhere on the western slope.
Since the owners wanted their diner to be all-inclusive in nature, they designed a menu that included options that would appeal to both the health foodie as well as the occasional glutton.  Whether you are in the mood to veg out (definitely try the super food Salmon & Kale salad or pig out on their daily special, 520 Grill will satisfy your taste buds.  Finally, the health foodie and the occasional glutton can agree on where to eat.
520 Grill is located at 520 E. Cooper Avenue Aspen, CO 81611  – (970) 925-9788

Where To Drink This Week: Denver – Pinche Tacos

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Mexican Drinking Redefined

Mmm, tequila!

Pinche Tacos describes their cuisine as authentic Mexican food with a modern twist.  The same can be applied to their Mexican cocktail list.  Quality, small batch tequila and whiskey, ginger beer, mole bitters, Van Gogh Pineapple Vodka,  fresh spices such as crushed cardamom, and house-made Lavender-Madagascar Vanilla Syrup are just some of the high-quality, exotic ingredients that offer endless novel flavor combinations.

The chalkboard that runs floor to ceiling displays the long list of tequilas offered at Pinche Tacos that alone provide a base of flavors that will excite all five of your taste sensations.  Herbal, honey, smoke, citrus, toast, lavender, orange blossom, caramel, vanilla, and even truffle are just some of the words used to describe Pinche’s non-traditional line of tequilas.

If tradition is what you seek, then an old fashioned Tecate in can form or the classic margarita may still be at your fingertips upon request.  However, if you are in the mood for something new, you may surprise your taste buds with a combination of flavors you might have not even known existed, especially in drink form.  At Pinche Tacos, mexican drinking has been redefined.  
What’s your favorite drink at Pinche Tacos?
Find Pinche Tacos at 720.475.1337 • 1514 York St, Denver 80206

Culinary Connectors LIVE! Tom Ryan and Ken Kodys from Tom’s Urban 24

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Listen in as Culinary Connectors LIVE! host Becky Creighton interviews Tom Ryan, owner of Smashburger and Tom’s Urban 24, and Ken Kodys, cocktail director for Tom’s Urban 24. Tom has a Ph.D in Flavor and Fragrance Chemistry. Tom reflects on his career at McDonalds where he help develop the Dollar Menu, the McFlurry, the McGriddle, and the Yogurt Parfait. He discusses his move to Denver and the development of Smashburger, the Smashburger philosophy, and the founding of Tom’s Urban 24 on Larimer Square. Ken brings in a sample of cocktails he  created for Tom’s Urban 24 and discussed the cocktail competitions he has won.

Where To Eat This Weekend: Denver – Trillium

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The Ideal Winter Cuisine Served at Denver’s Trillium

When it turns cold there is no cuisine more ideal than Scandinavian food to warm your tummy and enliven your spirits.  Through centuries of fine-tuning, Scandinavians were able to tailor a cuisine that aided in enduring the long, fierce winters that Scandinavians learned to grow accustomed to.

This cuisine is not that of Marie Antoinette’s, but more closely resembles a peasant’s cuisine, filled with a plethora of vegetables, fish and meats in their most pure and simple form.  This is nutritious comfort food that features such delicacies such as cauliflower soup, potato dill rouille, fennel salad, marbled rye breads, pickled vegetables, cured salmon, and sweet cakes that taste of gingerbread.  Peasant’s food never tasted so good.

Trillium, nestled just north of downtown, is one of the best new restaurants in Denver that offers this special type of cuisine.  The restaurant is named after a prized Scandinavian flower.  This gem of a restaurant offers a window into Scandinavian cuisine, using the finest and freshest ingredients available that day.  The chef, Ryan Leinonen, is Scandinavian, himself, and offers his American-Scandinavian spin on the dishes he grew up eating made by his Scandinavian grandma.  You certainly cannot get more authentic than that!
2134 Larimer Street, Denver, CO 80205 – 303-379-9759 –

Where To Drink This Week: The Kitchen

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Conscious Drinking begins in The Kitchen

Wine on Tap

One of the first Colorado restaurants to subscribe to the local food movement was The Kitchen in Boulder.  So it is no surprise that they helped to spawn the local, sustainable drink movement as well.

The wine menu at The Kitchen reflects the restaurant’s sensitivity to just what conscious drinking is all about.  Under each wine, you will read the eco-friendly buzz words “sustainable,” “organic,” or “biodynamic.”  Their eco-consciousness does not stop there.  The Kitchen also serves Conscious Coffees, freshly squeezed organic orange, lemon, grapefruit, and apple juices, in addition to a local all-natural milk from a cow that may have very well been milked that morning.

Whether you are drawn to the local movement for reasons of taste, quality, or for personal values, there is no doubt that you will come to appreciate this movement as you sip on an award-winning, sustainably produced Persian Lemon cocktail.  It is guaranteed to leave you all puckered up, waiting to kiss the next glass of another sustainably produced drink.

 Visit The Kitchen in Boulder or Denver. 1039 Pearl Street  Boulder, CO 80302 (303) 544-5973 or in Denver 1530 16th Street  Denver, CO 80202 (303) 623-3127

Culinary Connectors LIVE! Katie Lorenzen & Doug Campbill from bb’s kitchen

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Listen in as Culinary Connectors LIVE! host Becky Creighton interviews Katie Lorenzen & Doug Campbill from bb’s kitchen. Katie discusses her culinary background, including her time on Iron Chef America! Katie & Doug discuss their new menu, being released Thursday December 13th and what makes bb’s kitchen in Aspen unique.

Where To Eat This Weekend: Denver – Shangri-la

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Coffee at Shangri-la

Nestled within one of the hippest streets in the Highlands neighborhood, is Shangri-La Coffee, a cafe that offers much more than a monoculture Starbucks may offer.  The drink menu at Shangri-La is culturally diverse with real Lavazza Italian coffee, India inspired Bhakti and Third St. Chai, and the classic “London Fog” tea-based latte made with Early Grey tea, steamed milk, and a shot of vanilla flavored syrup.

Shangri-La offers freshly made salads, award-winning panini’s, and even gluten-free dolce (a.k.a. desserts) that outdo any prepackaged pastry, sweet bread, or sandwich at Starbucks.  The list of paninis seems endless.  The paninis are all made with the finest meats and cheeses, often rooted in the Italian cuisine that the owner and chef Massimo Ruffinazzi grew up eating.

For a cultural experience that expands outside the monoculture of Starbucks, make your way to Shangri-La.  Massimo will greet you with a smile and a “Prego,” (a.k.a. How may I help you?), wafting you away to a different land.

 Grab your authentic Italian coffee and tasty bites at Shanri-la 1575 Boulder StDenverCO.(720) 938-4206

Where To Drink This Week: Denver – Breckenridge Brewery

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Breckenridge handles

Breckenridge Brewery is ringing in twenty years this month in a fresh, entirely new style.  Locally sourced ingredients, smaller plates, and healthier dining options in addition to an interior renovation has given Breckenridge Brewery a new edge.

Sixteen new taps, several new wines, and house-crafted margaritas on tap will have your thirst needs fully satisfied.  The new taps include Colorado beers such as Boulder Beer, Bristol Brewing, Odell, Oskar Blues, and Ska, in addition to the classics of Breckenridge and Wynkoop Brewing.  For some seasonal cheer, wrap your hands around a tall glass of their Christmas Ale.  Its sturdy texture and rich flavors of caramel and chocolate, will have you doing a little “ho-ho-ho.”

If wine is more of your forte, Breckenridge Brewery offers progressive Colorado selections including Infinite Monkey Theorem’s Monkeyshine White and Red, exclusively available at Breckenridge and Wynkoop restaurants.  Other progressive Colorado wines include Sutcliffe Vineyards from Cortez and Colterris’ Cabernet Sauvignon from Palisade.  If you like to go local, Breckenridge Brewery offers a local wine in each of their wine categories including their wine on tap, bubbles/rose, whites, and reds categories.

In addition to your beer, wine, or margarita on tap, get a taste of Breckenridge Brewery’s innovative cuisine.  The menu includes the classics you know in a form you have never before tasted.  For instance, their mac ‘n cheese is made with smoked cheddar, bison jalapeno-cheddar sausage or even smoked wild boar sausage.  

Even their mustards are homemade, flavored with anything and everything that will stimulate your taste buds from crystallized ginger to apples, or horseradish for a strong, pungent punch.  Wash that down with a cozy, rich Christmas Ale, and you will be complementing Breckenridge Brewery on their recent face-lift.