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Where To Eat This Weekend: The Kitchen

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The Kitchen takes the meaning of a bistro that is community oriented to a whole new level.  Each day, The Kitchen creates community through food.  Their community hour, a kind of happy hour, along with their family dinners served family style at the community table offer opportunities for community to be formed over excellent food and conversation.  In addition, profits from the family dinners go towards helping to plant gardens.

The Kitchen also helps to build community by choosing to use local food producers including farmers, ranchers, and purveyors for the sustainable enjoyment of the whole community.  This also translates to fresher, more clean, nutritious, and ultimately delicious food.

As I munch upon kale chips that just came roasted out of the oven, and my brother devours a slow roasted pork sandwich, we both look at each other and decide that helping the community never tasted so good.

The Kitchen has locations in Denver and Boulder:

The Kitchen Denver: 1530 16th Street (Entrance on Wazee Street) Denver, CO, and can be reached at (303) 623-3127.

The Kitchen Boulder: 1039 Pearl St., Boulder, CO, and can be reached at (303) 544-5973.

Where To Drink This Week: Denver – The Corner Office

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After a long day at the office, take yourself and possibly a coworker over to have a cocktail at the restaurant located around the corner from the Denver Performing Arts Center named appropriately “The Corner Office.”  Once you make it to the office of your dreams, you can slink into a seat at the bar where you can sip happily at a cocktail named “The Ladykiller” or do like the Italians and order a bubbly ‘Bella Donna Prosecco.”

As the bubbles fly across your tongue, causing your senses to re-awaken, your neglected stomach may be in need of some of “The Corner Office’s” global comfort food.  To pair with your globally inspired food, you might want to order ‘The French Connection’, made with St. Germain Liquor, or the ‘Sugar Mama’ made with Italian Limoncello and Prosecco.

Who knew that The Corner Office held so much to experience.  Just tell your boss you are going to the other office.

The Corner Office is located at 1401 Curtis Street, Denver, CO and can be reached at (303) 825-6500.

Where to Eat this Weekend: Aspen – Jimmy’s American Bistro

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Tucked amidst the Rocky Mountains in the mountain town of Aspen you can find one of America’s top fifty bars according to Food & WineJimmy’s is much more than just a bar.  It is a neighborhood place that adjusts to the local’s needs.  Saturday nights it transforms to a vibrant stage for salsa dancing and on Sunday it serves as a communal spot for the football fans in town.

Jimmy’s offers comfort in their specialties such as mashed sweet potatoes with marshmallows.  They aspire to offer local foods and libations; fresh and free of high-fructose corn syrup and hormones.  They will satisfy the carnivore with their high-quality steaks, crab cakes, seafood, pork, and poultry.  The vegetarian can savor some quinoa stuffed zucchini cannelloni served with tomato sauce, crispy artichokes, and olive purée.

Jimmy’s is the place to go for quality comfort food served in a high-spirited, and yet, relaxed setting.

Jimmy’s is located 205 South Mill Street in Aspen, CO and can be reached at 970-925-6020.

Where to Drink this Week: OAK at fourteenth

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Beginning with an afternoon tea that includes a meadow herbal infusion with lavender simple syrup, Fee Brothers Grapefruit, and Bitters.  If you want something cold, you can choose from Oak’s house made Ginger Beer, Root Beer, and their own Passion fruit and lemongrass house made soda.  This will surely pick up your afternoon spirits and carry you to the early evening, where you can gradually ease into drinks with some alcoholic kick to them.

In the stylish setting of Oak at Fourteenth, you can feel like royalty as you sip upon the drink named “The Queen” filled with the flavors of grapefruit and elderflower.  If you are looking for a more humble drink, try “The Monk’s Garden,” infused with basil and tarragon vodka, cucumber, lavender, and lime.

Of course, Oak offers local and foreign beers and wines from Europe and the New World.  Oak strives to offer drinks from every corner of the world that will satisfy every palate.

OAK at fourteenth is located at 1400 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO and can be reached at (303) 444-3622.

Where To Eat This Weekend: Denver – Zydeco’s

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As the weather gets cooler, Southern comfort food may sound more and more appetizing.  The warm, heartiness of the dishes served at  Zydeco’s make them well-suited for those cooler, fall days.

Zydeco’s has taken pride in offering authentic Southern foods.  Zydeco does not cut any corners in order to offer dishes of real Southern authenticity.  They ensure the quality of their smoked foods by smoking them in-house.  So your shrimp and grits will be with smoked-shrimp in the traditional Southern fashion.

Award-winning gumbo, fried chicken and waffles, and Calabash style frog legs with buttermilk-soaked Calabash breading are just some of the Southern dishes you would not be able to find anywhere else in Denver.

If the thought of warm, wholesome Southern cuisine entices your appetite, you have no choice but to head down to Zydeco’s!

Zydeco’s is located at 1730 Wynkoop Street, Denver, CO, and can be reached at (303) 293-2887.

Where To Drink This Week: Aspen – BB’s Kitchen

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What could be better than sitting on the patio of BB’s Kitchen in Aspen, soaking up the last bits of summer as you look out upon the changing leaves of the Aspen trees on the mountainside?!?  Well, I guess a refreshing drink and a few nibbles from BB’s Kitchen’s “Lounge Menu.”  You can choose to sip down a “powder day cure all” filled with ginger, lemon, and the flavors of Twisted Pine Ale.  For a drink of more substance, try out BB’s BLT Bloody Mary that is actually garnished with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and even a little sprinkling of bacon salt.

Besides mixed drinks, check out BB’s Kitchen’s extensive wine list featuring an impressive selection of Italian Reds and Pinot Noir for those who like things a bit sweeter.  Beers from Colorado, California, Oregon, Germany, and Belgium also make the list.

So cheers to Colorado fall weather, golden Aspen leaves, and Colorado’s never-ending sunshine!  Salute-to your health!

BB’s Kitchen is located at 525 East Cooper Avenue, Aspen, CO and can be reached at (970) 429-8284.

Where to Eat This Weekend: Boulder – OAK at fourteenth

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Okay so last weekend, you enjoyed the last bits of official summertime by grilling hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill.  This coming weekend, you can still enjoy the delicious, irreplaceable oven-grilled taste by taking a trip to the restaurant “Oak at 14th” located in Boulder.

Oak at 14th” successfully captures the Colorado rustic style in its cuisine that is centered upon their own oak-fired oven and grill.  Oak also fits nicely into Boulder’s forward thinking, hip dining scene with its local and seasonal menu.  So you can enjoy the fruits of Colorado’s labor from dishes that feature locally grown vegetables and locally produced meats.  This means that you can sit down and savor wood-oven roasted beef marrow, wood-grilled Colorado lamb T-bones, and/or locally foraged porcini mushrooms that are fresher, tastier, and also support your local producers.  Oak has small or large plates in order to suite every type of appetite.  So when your appetite returns this weekend, give your own grill a rest and consider taking a trip to “Oak at 14th.”

OAK at fourteenth is located at 1400 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO and can be reached at (303) 444-3622.

Where To Drink This Week: Ghost Plate & Tap

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If you want to drink at a Denver downtown hotspot that has a value system focused upon supporting Colorado’s local brewers, distillers, and vintners, then you need to stop by Ghost Plate and Tap this week.  You will not only get the opportunity to taste local beers on tap, but will even get the chance to taste local wine on tap from Denver’s own urban winery named the Infinite Monkey Theorem.

If you are craving a refreshing cocktail you may sample from their world-class craft cocktail program that brings some of the most talented mixologists from the country together to Colorado to offer you some of the most superior cocktails in town.  You might start out with a refresher named “Five O’Clock on the Rocks” filled with the revitalizing powers of lemon and mint.  Then you may move on to one of their featured specialty cocktails such as the “Space Ghost” that is a mix of sour and sweet with honey vodka, lemon juice, muddled blackberries and cucumber, finished off with the spicy zip of ginger beer.

Drinking local at Ghost Plate and Tap is a way to reconnect with the awesome Colorado products available that you may not find at your local grocery store!  Going local can now officially be applied to your drinks so drink up in honor of Colorado pride.

Ghost Plate & Tap is located at 800 18th Street Ste 100, Denver, CO and can be reached at (303) 297-1738.